Vice Ganda, “ReINA Ng Tahanan” Segment Remain The Source of Joy Amongst Filipinos

I was really happy to end my birthday month with hope and love around me. Staying at home for more than a year and remain in constant communication with the people dear to me is nothing but a gift of life. Speaking of staying at home, I guess I was able to finish all my favorite series but actually sad for some shows dear to me that got delayed production due to pandemic. I hope they will able to continue the work that they love.

But what I am very sure is that there’s no stopping for It’s Showtime to provide the ultimate daily happiness as one of its most successful segments, “ReINA Ng Tahanan” continues to reign supreme on TV. Dubbed as the hottest, most talked about segment on noontime variety, the segment became the ultimate source of the funny antics of not only all the contestants but most importantly the love it spreads during the conversation.


Being shown across all platforms such as Kapamilya Cable Channel, A2Z Free TV and ABS-CBN Online, the show remain constant and number one to the hearts of many Filipinos. This is actually not a surprising turn of events given that this is what we Filipinos really need, –to find ways to laugh and enjoy even we are stuck at home.

For me, ReINA Ng Tahanan is now considered the benchmark for any segment that tackles literally talks about love for Moms. Right there, we get that opportunity to learn more about life as these Moms reflect the shared experiences of every Filipino family — our love with one another especially in the midst of the pandemic. Ratings wise, It’s Showtime is doing well and if there’s one person that is very grateful about all these successes, it is our favorite Vice Ganda.


“Mahirap gumawa ng daily show kasi pandemic. Wala ang madlang people. Limitado ang galawan namin araw araw. Pero sa kabila ng mga challenges na kinakaharap namin araw araw, at ang kakambal nito ay matinding pagod para sa aming lahat na bumubuo ng It’s Showtime, talagang sulit na sulit lahat dahil alam namin na nabibigyan namin ng kasiyahan ang mga kababayan nating nasa loob ng kanilang mga tahanan at siyempre, nabibigyan namin ng isang maliagayang platform ang mga Nanay to have fun and loosen up…sila talaga ang bida dito sa segment na ito.”

“ReINA Ng Tahanan” cuts across every class and gender — everybody just can’t get enough of it because of its universal appeal. Because here in the Philippines, our culture in many ways are very matriarchal. We are very affectionate of our love to our mothers. Gays in particular are very close to Moms. Well of course we love Dads too but even fathers admit that there is this deeper touch of love when we talk about mothers. Great examples of these are the ReINA ng Tahanan episodes when they guess family members. One thing I want to commend too, are the talents these Moms are showing the world!!

“Siyempre nandiyan ang riot at tawanan lalo na sa talent portion ng mga ReNanay…nakaka-aliw ang mga gowns at looks nila, and they all really come in different shapes and sizes…may Nanay contestant na sosyal, merong masa, merong super sexy, may plus size…iba iba sila…pero ang common sa kanila ay puso…lahat sila ay mahal ang kanilang mga pamilya — ang kanilang mga asawa at mga anak.”


The segment “ReINA Ng Tahanan” shows and reflects the reality of everyone during pandemic. That despite there is so much hardships we encounter everyday, love is enough to fight another day. Love is enough to fuel the hope that one day everything will be OK. Similar to how I felt the love of Vice Ganda to her audience during the GANDEMIC Concert, overflowing!

Speaking of Gandemic, it was a very very successful live virtual event concert last week not to mention multiple trending topics during the concert. And due to insistent public demand, there will be a GANDEMIC repeat happening on August 14, 2021. Yes you read it right! GANDEMIC THE VG-TAL CONCERT REPEAT tickets are now available on Ktx.PH. Join the UNKABOGABLE Vice Ganda in a night full of laughter, memorable performances, and heartwarming numbers. I am sure a lot of you who missed it during the concert will have the chance to experience that one of a kind show from Vice Ganda.


Having said that, Vice Ganda is indeed the ultimate source of happiness. With non-stop flow of innovative ideas like Gandemic and “ReINA Ng Tahanan” — Vice Ganda will continue to bring laughter and happiness for many, many more years to come.

By the way, today, Vice Ganda is receiving a Most Trusted Entertainment/Variety Presenter award at the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards 2021.

“Thank you very much and I really appreciate it and I am so happy that you are recognizing my job, my work, and my duty to always make the people happy. This award will always inspire me to continue making the people around the world, most especially the Filipino, happy,” Vice said as the winner of the same category for three years straight.

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