(ONLINE) Shopping has never been this Fast With GCASH American Express Virtual Pay!

Last July I was able to shop online at amazon.com and tested the whole system of hassle free shopping online using my GCash American Express Virtual Pay. That’s was actually my first time using it and glad I did. At first since Im a not-so-big-fan of Starbucks tumbler, I bought (2 tumblers and a Blackberry arm case that I can use while working out on a gym), online to validate myself. And let me tell you know, GCash American Express Virtual Pay is really the next big thing in online shopping! Forget your credit card and shipping, custom and tax plus long wait! I’ll share you again how this worked for me and my friends! MORE INFO HERE

Since there are actually items we want to buy but can’t avail locally, online shopping is our next destination to get these. That includes my recent Starbucks tumbler from Arizona and California.For my Blackberry Arm case, I compared some of the locally produced cases here and I think I’d rather buy it online since the specification I wanted can be purchase only online.

From my last blog about GCash American Express Virtual Pay, I mentioned about secure deliveries through My Shopping Box. And yes! from the time I placed my order in Amazon up to reaching my US address destination, (which is through the course of online reminder of My-Shopping-Box) I attested that it is easiest way of finding where your items are.

It took me around 12 days until I actually received it here at my office. When My Shopping Box informed me thru email that my item has arrived, I clicked Authorized shipment and that’s the time I counted for days until my tumblers arrived. Cost of my tumblers are less than 16USD. almost the same with tumblers here but obviously, you can only get that when you visit the place. So I took the short run, online using my GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

My package arrived actually when I was in Malaysia. Our HR told me that I got some packages from the US.


Then I bought another one, this time a less cheaper (thanks to Amazon for informing me of GREAT DEALS through email!) 1 TERABYTE Hard Drive. the cost of my hard drive are 40% lesser than what’s on the gadget stores here. So I grabbed it!

(photo 6)

After 10 days form My-Shopping-Box, I received the package! Now I’m starting to transfer all my files on my Seagate Hard drive!

Actually, online shopping is risky. But having GLOBE facility backing me up, and My Shopping Box securely giving me good condition items with their superb packing styles, I think It will be a habit for me to shop online monthly using these.

For more information about registering GCash American Express Virtual Pay, you can check my previous blog here:

Will keep you posted next time guys! Cheers!


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