Jump To My First 108MP Smartphone, the realme 8 Pro!

If you have to ask me what is missing from my favorite smartphone nowadays, is an amazing and powerful camera that I can bring anytime of the night. Well, it looks like at this point my search is over because there is no stopping for the leading smartphone technology brand –realme Philippines as they are bound to introduce the latest addition to its powerful line-up of realme number series that will offer users a full realme TechLife experience — the realme 8 Series. I am excited because I can finally find out what’s the feeling  ofusing a smartphone with 108MP camera!

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 3.22.14 PM

This is my first time to experience a 108MP camera on a smartphone and I am here to share with you my first impression about the phone. If you remember last September 2020 I blogged about my experience to the realme 7 Pro which has a 64MP Sony Quad Camera so the realme 8 Pro is indeed the upgrade we’ve been waiting for.

realme 8 pro 07 ROD MAGARU

The first thing that comes to mind when I saw the design is that (based on my previous realme smartphone reviews), this is by far their boldest attempt to continue winning. I love its texture and finish at the back.  There is also the “DARE TO LEAP” logo which is very trendy by the way. Also I noticed that it is super light.

realme 8 pro 05 ROD MAGARU

Good thing the box contains a case because I was really worried about the camera being vulnerable to scratch. I hope they will partner with major case brands to compliment its powerful design. The realme 8 Pro is available in two colors, Infinite Black and Infinite Blue.

realme 8 pro 06 ROD MAGARU


108MP Camera

I’m gonna have to jump to the camera because I was really excited to try it haha!

Can I just say I am so surprised to witness its superiority myself! I have been going out (safely ofcourse) for two consecutive sunsets just to take some photos of the sky, the environment using its new super nightscape feature and I giggle everytime I zoom my shots to check how beautiful the camera. Totally blown away with realme 8 PRO.

So while I am yet to release my full review come May 11, I am definitely sharing you some of the shots I made for now because totally this is something I would love to share. I am, in all honesty impress with it.

This one I tried the 108MP and if you will take a closer look, I intentionally upload this on flicker so if you plan zo you’ll know that the file is actually heavy haha! I think this one below is around 28MB.

realme 8 PRO rodmagaru.com

Then I try the night mode, too bad there are a lot of people walking around so I waited till there’s less movement. Still vibrant event if the actual scene is too dark!

realme 8 PRO rodmagaru.com

realme 8 PRO rodmagaru.com

I am unsuccessful in trying the ultra macro because things are moving everywhere so I will try to achieve that maybe through our orchids shots again.

realme 8 PRO rodmagaru.com

The last one below was taken last night and trying to its potential. From this shot, I did zoom it twice to check if the details remain vibrant and it didn’t disappoint!

realme 8PRO

realme 8 PRO rodmagaru.com

realme 8 PRO rodmagaru.com
Thatt’s it for now folks because I really wanted to let you know that 108MP is as impressive as it is. But of course, there is so much to do on this realme 8 Pro so watch out for my next blog about this!

realme 8 PRO is available in two colors: Infinite Black & Infinite Blue. 




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