(LIFESTYLE) Want to Learn Swimming? Here is My Awesome Experience At Swim Central

I think we can all agree that most of us loves swimming. While we enjoy the summer season almost all year long, swimming has been our favorite activities with families and friends. It could be just hanging out watching the sunset, doing water-sports or by just glancing around watching people. But there is one question everybody is not keen on discussing. Do you know how to survive in a swimming pool deeper than your height? This was the question I ask myself before I got the chance to discover Swim Central.

To be honest, I don’t know how to swim. I went to this topic today because I actually wanted to learn how to be comfortable at water, anywhere and anytime. I remember I enrolled in a swimming class back in college but that was just, “meh” and it was all a non-serious attempt to adult life lol. Recently, Years ago I was asked if I am interested to join a reality show that involves swimming. Of course I declined, and that made me re-validate my life goals, I should learn how to swim.

Fast forward to this year, I have learned that there are a lot of facilities that host swimming lessons. Well I know that there’s a lot but it was not in my priority list back then. This is when I glanced at Swim Central, one of the growing group handling swimming lessons here in the Philippines.

For starters, here is the list of programs that they are offering in a group or a one-on-one sessions:

Survival Swimming – Ideal for those with basic skills who wants to learn how to float with ease in deep waters. (2 sessions).
Basic Swimming – Recommended for beginners. (8 Sessions)
Private Lessons – One on one lesson or personalize group class at your own preferred venue. (5 sessions)
Skill Enhancement – Exclusively offered to students who have taken our Basic Swimming Program (5 sessions)
Open Water Exposure – This 1-day getaway to the all-exclusive Tali Beach Resort in Batangas.

This time, me and my blogger friend Rodel Flordeliz enrolled the Survival Swimming class.

Swim Central01 RODMAGARU

For bloggers like us who get invited to review hotels and beach resorts, swimming has always been one of the activities we usually highlight. Of course I don’t want to just lay on a huge Pizza floater and not knowing how to swim.

I can say that Swim Central is very organized in terms of scheduling. I like how they communicate with their students. We decided to choose the Sunday morning schedule. Prior to this week, we received a reminder of our swimming class. Coach JM guided and assigned us to Coach Aileen. The class is being held at the Upper Deck in Pasig. We arrived there and met Coach Aileen. She made us feel comfortable with her approach and I would say that this is what I was expecting. Of course, we all know that it is never too late to learn how to swim but she made the entire session worthy of our time.

She taught us some basics of swimming. I liked how I have learned the proper discipline in swimming. She taught us to bubble (releasing air through our nose) and testing our lungs’ capacity to hold our breath. Also included in our session is to know the basic floating drills and water treading. This is when I realized that everyone can learn swimming. With the proper knowledge on exactly what to do, our body will adopt while we are at the water.

Swim Central PH 01 RODMAGARU

During our sessions, I asked Coach Aileen how she started learning swimming. She said that she was really interested to learn years ago and now it became part of her lifestyle, before she became a swimming coach, she had fears water fears but she was able to conquer that through Swim Central. As a student, we were very happy to hear her stories especially now that occasionally she competes.

Swim Central PH 04 RODMAGARU


Of course the session is a collaborative efforts between coaches and student. It is easy to follow and you will not be pressured to do an activity. Swim Central will make sure that you are comfortable as well. In our case, we tried and tried each specific lessons to fully understand the session.

Oh by the way, it pays to really have a complete set of swimming attire and gear. Aside from being the complete requirements in compliance to the regulations of public pools, you will feel totally comfortable if you have goggles and rash guards, If you have long hair, swimming caps are highly recommended.

Swim Central PH 06 RODMAGARU

Thank you Swim Central! Our next step for us is to enroll in the basic swimming class for 8 sessions. I know this is summer vacation and we look forward to be more comfortable in the water with Swim Central. They also have dedicated program and coach for kids. Here I am with Coach Aileen and Rodel Flordeliz after the session.

Swim Central PH01 RODMAGARU

For more information about Swim Central, kindly visit their site at http://www.swimcentral.com.ph/ or check their social media pages:
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/swimcentralph/
Instagram: SwimCentralPH
Mobile: 0917 843 7815
Email: divein@swimcentral.com.ph

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