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It is official! Today, realme Philippines adds new products to its current line-up to complement the digital lifestyle of its young fans. Personally, I love how realme innovates in terms of offering not only smartphones but other useful lifestyle products that is very useful. This blog I’m going to share you my impressions of realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush, realme adventurer luggage and realme Smart Scale.

Let’s have the rundown of these three as I have been using it for a week now. Oh by the way, if you are interested in reading some articles of realme smartphones, click HERE.

 realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Let me start with this one. Among the three, realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is something I never had before. But glad to have now because it made my toothbrushing time interesting LOL. First of all I am glad that it supports IPX7 water resistance. I do not have to worry about any water getting into my gadget. Every realme electric toothbrush goes through rigorous quality tests to ensure durability and sturdiness so very happy to know that.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 05 ROD MAGARU

My first impression with an electric toothbrush is that is is hard to maintain. But upon using it a couple of days, I realized that it is similar to how we took care of our other gadgets. As the realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush is built to achieve perfect oral health and help users mitigate the risks of dental problems, this made me more curious about dental health. Admittedly, I don’t have a good smile right now that’s why it is very important for me to maintain taking care of my dentals because Im not getting any younger.

The brush is easy to understand. It is straight forward smart gadget with details on its handle.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 06 ROD MAGARU

I love how easy it is to charge! t has a 300-hour battery lifespan and supports quick wireless charging for a seamless experience. As you can see below, the brush very on point and glad that it is actually skin-friendly and non-slippery coating. Its 3.5mm ultra-thin metal-free brush head can effectively reduce the foreign body sensation in the mouth.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 11 ROD MAGARU

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 12 ROD MAGARU

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 15 ROD MAGARU

Ok let’s talk about 4 cleaning modes.

    • Soft: Ensures effective cleaning and improves care for users with sensitive gums.
    • Clean: Suitable for routine oral cleanliness as brushing with high frequency vibrations generates fluid flow in the mouth, the foam becomes finer while dental plaque and other impurities can be cleared more quickly.
    • White: Clean using high frequency vibrations for deep cleaning and whitening that protects the enamel at the same time.
    • Polish: Different frequencies are used to alternate the vibrations so that the bristles’ movements can cover each tooth from various angles

If you need to know the time when to replace the brush head, all you have to do is to look if the blue indicator bristles fade in color. The realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is available in blue and white colors.

The realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is priced at PHP 1,990.00. As I have mentioned I never has the chance to buy one for myself before so I’m sure it is within the competitive range. But don’t fret, this one is discounted on 11.11 at Lazada and Shopee! You can only get this for only PHP 1,490.00! (PS, I bought one for my 7-year old nephew as a present!)


realme adventurer luggage

For a lifestyle blogger like me where travel has always been the constant activity all-year long, luggage is such a critical must-have. While I have good choices in the past, I can still remember horrors of traveling with broken luggage wheels. Well, enough of those nightmares. Today, I tried something very useful in the list of realme lifestyle products, the realme adventurer luggage!

realme luggage

Some of my favorite specs for luggage are present such as the TSA-approved lock makes travel safer by preventing theft or damage to important items.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 22 ROD MAGARU

First impression when I had this luggage, it is very lightweight. Even my mom noticed it! This is a surprise for me because most of the small ones are heavy, including the ones Im currently using. What I also like about this is the flexicube design inspired by the rubix cube. Are you kidding me? I love rubix! The black is super stylish. Oh by the way, it has a large capacity of 37 liters and is available in one basic but stylish color black.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 13 ROD MAGARU

Additional features of this luggage:

  • It has an incredible ultra-light three-layer 100% Bayer Makrolon durable PC material.
  • PC structure is resistant to external forces and is 40% stronger than ABS material.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 14 ROD MAGARUrealme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 17 ROD MAGARU

The realme Adventurer Luggage is reasonably priced at PHP 2,990.00. For me the price is just super reasonable given its texture and features I mentioned above. But this coming 11.11, realme is discounting this luggage for only PHP  2,490.00 with Lazada & Shopee.


realme Smart Scale

The third is my favorite because it has been months since I did some weighing haha! The realme Smart Scale is somewhat fitting for the roster of lifestyle offerings of realme. What I like about it is that other than its usual scaling, it has a real-time heart sensor that gives static heart rate information. I was able to link it to my realme link APP and amazing how they incorporated a lot of things. It is indeed smart because of its monitoring and analysis.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 02 ROD MAGARU

The realme smart scale is available in blue and white variants.

What I like about this is the use of efficient battery power. It has a long battery life of up to 360 days.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 03 ROD MAGARU

I like the LED display which is by the way made of tempered glass material. Good thing about it is that it has a special small weight mode which can accurately measure the weight up to 10 grams for pets or other small items.

realme scale luggage toothbrush lifestyle 04 ROD MAGARU

For now, I had my first weigh-in after a long time and surprised to see my weight added 5 kgs OMFG. yep, I am 7o Kgs today.

Additional feature

  • It features a high-precision Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) sensor that can calculate body fat and muscle content among others.
  • It has 16 types of health measurement data (weight, fat rate, body shape, BMI, muscle mass, body age, basal metabolism, lean body weight, moisture rate, muscle rate, visceral fat level, skeletal muscle, bone mass, protein, fat mass, heart rate)
  • It has a

All in all I like this realme Smart Scale and worth investing something innovative such as this The price of this realme Smart Scale is PHP  1,590.00. But, Discounted Prices with Lazada & Shopee 11.11 sale is PHP 1,090.00. you might want to add this to your cart already.



Additional 11.11 Hack for realme:

Oh by the way guys, If you use the Lazada Wallet to pay for a minimum purchase of PHP 5,000, you may claim an additional discount of PHP 400. Yay!! What a treat!







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