(MUSIC) Pinay X Factor Grand Winner Neglected by Music Label in Israel?

I have heard of a not-so-good news about Rose Fontanes, the first Filipina who won the much coveted X Factor in Israel.  During the competition, Rose Fostanes, 47, was the only foreign contestant on the show.


But recently, an online news article (Haaretz.com) says that Rose Fontanes might be facing deportation anytime sooner. After winning, she signed a contract with Reshet Television and Aroma Music by Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment company. Upon Rose’s signing of said contract, the company asked the Interior Ministry to grant Fontanes the permission to stay in Israel and perform as a singer while maintaining her status as a migrant worker. Gideon Sa’ar, the interior minister at the time didn’t hesitate to grant her a special visa to enable her to stay in Israel.

Some clause of her contract says, the artist will perform ONLY at gatherings and events approved by Aroma Music. So Rose was prevented to sing in smaller venues. These small venues can pay enough to help her in her finances.

In fairness, she performed in some big shows such as Independence Day in Acre and Tiberias plus shows in Australia. But news said she didn’t earn from it. She was left with just 90,000 NIS from her winnings, after deducting 15,000 loan from the start.


photo credit to Interaksyon.com

In her contract, it is also stipulated that Aroma Music will release her  album. Aroma Music said they are promoting Rose Fontanes but her debut single, “Walk Away” produced by Ofer Meiri didn’t gain positive plays on local radio.

A month ago, Aroma Music applied for artist visa for our dear Rose but now authorities say that Aroma Music withdrew its request (Like, why would you do that?) which leaves our champion’s stay in Israel unauthorized.

Aroma Music executives confirmed that Fostanes’ visa expired a month ago and said that since she did not produce profits for them, they cannot request an artist visa for her. Renewal of Rose’s visa would require the music label to pay Rose the agreed monthly salary for a year.

If this is what is happening to Rose, then we Pinoys should help her. She is our pride and we dont let that happen to her.

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