(WEB) Quality Website in 5-7 Days? WebSiteExpress.BIZ Tells you HOW!

Last week we had a very interesting conversation over lunch with my fellow blogger friends and Kristian Noel Pura,  Digital Media Group of Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. (ICTV) We we’re talking about our blogs and website including developing its content and appearance.

A good quality website done in as fast as 5-7 days may be unheard of around 3-5 years ago. But with advancements in Web development technologies and applications, a website done in about a week is fast becoming more realistic. Yes its possible!


If youre an entrepreneur or professional who wants to create your own website but too busy or too technical for you to have one, you might consider getting a professional service. Here in the Philippines we have few web developers whose task is to provide ready made website. I got to know WebsiteExpress.BIZ, whose objective is to make quality websites accessible and affordable to not just large corporations but also SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs, even professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists and architects.

For instance, take a look of this website, http://itsmorefuninthephilippines.com, this is the one impressive website they created. The site is RESPONSIVE. 

Meaning, whatever platform you use, you can view the menus and tabs according to your device( e.g android or iPhone) Here are somne of the site they also helped!
He also guested on ANC and explained about Website Biz Express


In my case I would like my website to have a mobile version since almost everyone is online through their mobile. But I don’t have to know everything, I can actually hire someone to do that for me!

“Our objective is to design and develop websites for those who need it quickly, whether big or small companies, the mass consumers or perhaps anyone in need of a website to showcase their product or service offering to the world,” says Kristian Noel A. Pura, Head of the Digital Media Group of Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. (ICTV), a publicly listed technology conglomerate, which runs WebsiteExpress.BIZ, ICTV’s digital media brand.

I would say the chat was indeed interesting sharing our own humble discovery of things. Well, creating a blog or website is really not an easy task. Its a talent or a result of passion from doing what you do

Pura noted that WebsiteExpress.BIZ is positioning itself as a catalyst when it comes to developing websites for both the corporate and the mass-based market, putting value in the fact that websites have already evolved to become an important sales and marketing tool for most businesses.
But should anyone have a website? If your business is a sari-sari store, probably not, not unless you value expansion and further growth and be known to more people. “Even if you are a smaller budgeted enterprise, you seem to appear big in the eyes of others, whether for potential clients or business partners. A website provides an image of you being an aggressive business.”But why are websites really important?

And what about the promise of a website already up in 5-7 days? Pura said that as long as reference materials are complete, including pictures and videos, the timetable is realistic. After all, WebsiteExpress.BIZ has already developed some of the most comprehensive-looking and eye-popping websites for both local and international clients.

Finding this unbelievable? Visit www.websiteexpress.biz and get your window to the world up and about faster than you can say “website.” Or call 799-7700 or email marcom@ictv.ph for more details.

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