(INTEREST) Check out This 7-Year Old Diego. What He’s Doing Online Is Amazing!

I was checking my facebook and twitter yesterday and glanced at this very interesting facebook page. I don’t know if you have heard of this or him but the facebook page is about an intelligent, smart and cute boy named Diego. 

What is interesting is that his page is not about a cute boy posting awesome awesome infancy. His Facebook page is an Advise Page! How cool right? I seldom see kids hosting an advice page. Most of the facebook accounts for kids today are generally uploaded or created by their parents with their newly born photo and waiting fo the kid to grow up so that he/she can manage his/her own facebook account.

But Diego is different. Of course with the help of his family, questions sent ti him will be answered accordingly. Check out this FB Page by clicking on the image below:


I’d like to know how is he gonna advice people but one this for sure. I am curious and will keep you more update about him. He is actually a potential child star (or he already is!).  I will post a question for him on his Facebook Page. you too can check him out!

Visit Diego’s Facebook Page on https://www.facebook.com/AskDiego

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