(GADGET) PLDT TVolution, So techy yet so easy!

Today, we are all embracing the evolution of digital world. From smartphones to social media engagement up to the way we use internet and integrate these into our lifestyle, we can totally say that being online is getting connected to our love ones, friends, and even to the people we adore and look up to. Just like our obsessions with Television, getting online means not being away to our favorite TV shows. I remember the time when I really have to go home early just to catch my primetime news and a series. Come smartphone era, internet brought Television to the comforts of our gadgets.

But what If I tell you that you can actually turn your TV set to a whole internet experience? Yes, Internet on your TV. First I would like you to watch this viral video about what everyone calls TVolution

 PLDT made another innovation of making our lives easier! This wonder gadget called TVolution is another first from PLDT HOME. Actually, the first time I saw this commercial, I got excited with how I am going to experience this. I was hesitant at first because of its technicality and quite a number of procedures to set it up; I might end up not using it. But I was wrong. First let me tell you what this is about.

PLDT TVolution is a small and tiny television box but powerful device that can actually turn your ordinary television at home into an Internet TV, which offers limitless viewing possibilities.

From the TV commercial, Debbie and Chloe are both excited to try it on their TV set. They don’t need to open their laptop or spend small screen browsing at their smartphones. All we have to do is to set this up to our HDMI ready Television

I’ve been using my smartphone to browse and browse internet, including interesting YouTube videos and settle for a small screen. Thanks to TVolution as it also bypasses the complicated setup and operation of a gadget.  Take it from Debbie and Chloe, who love it because “it’s easy yet so techy.”  It can be done in three steps:

Step 1: Connect your TVolution to your HDMI-ready TV.

Step 2: Connect to your Wi-Fi modem by typing in your password.

Step 3: Use your QWERTY remote to go online or watch movies.


How it works

PLDT HOME TVolution is quad-core processors, and also operates in an Android-based platform. Upon plugging in, it syncs with a PLDT HOME Wi-Fi connection. Stream through your PLDT HOME Telpad!


1. 4GB of internal data storage,
2. A micro SD card slot, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
3. HDMI input and output and two USB ports.

Another reason to really try this is by just using PLDT HOME TVolution; you can automatically access PLDT HOME content like blockbuster movies from Clickplay and well-loved TV series from MyPinoyTV. Access more content from Spinnr powered by SMART Music and EA Games through PLDT HOME’s knaAPPsack. Oh Geez I think I ‘will stay home longer now with all these!

The TVolution also gives Fibr subscribers a multitasking TV through apps like Kingsoft Office, the ability to use their TVs to surf the Internet, and play games, both online and offline. For more information about PLDT HOME  TVolution, you can visit their Website at http://pldthome.com/tvolution or like the PLDT Home Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PLDTHome

Life with PLDT HOME TVolution is indeed #TotesAmaze!


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