(FOOD) Tell Me Healthy Smoothies? Tell Me MONDO, MONDO, MONDO!

I appreciate all your comments on my previous Coffee shop blogs. Sharing my new recommended places to dine, movies to watch and other fun things to do is a joy from my end. This time, I have new recommendations to people always on the go (like me), people who loves fruit juices, people who loves to chill and relax after shopping and even to people who are health conscious in everything they drink. I know you guys don’t like to read very detailed stuff about anything, just tips and perks. So here goes.

Last week, I got the chance to experience MONDO JUICE. Mondo Juice is the one provided us a sugar-free, all natural and all fruit Smoothies! Yep, they literally travelled around the world to really make a difference. And they did! So now think of all the fruit juices you ordered from other brands. Yep, that includes sugar we cowardly ignored in our juices.

Why don’t they add sugar? Simple, their rule to make our favourite Smoothies is FRUIT + JUICE + SKILL. MONDO JUICE is Located at SM MEGAMALL, 4th floor fronting Kamayan Restaurant and beside Greenwich.

Here are the reasons why I’m convinced MONDO JUICE is the new frontier in Healthy Juice Stores in our country. I literally rallied on their menu for more than a half a week!


Blueberry Bonanza has a combination of blueberries, mangoes, bananas and cranberry juice.

Since Im a fan of Blueberry cakes, I feel good that MONDO JUICE has something of lesser sugar content berries. And o fcourse, cranberries are rich source of the flavonoid quercetin which can inhibit the development of both breast and colon cancers. Mondo staff already recognized me and we exchange some conversation that some of my friends also visited. I’m drop dead serious they are very friendly!

DAY 2:  SUNDAY – After the mass I went straight to SM Megamall to try other Smoothies. I tried the MIDNIGHT MANGO.

Midnight Mango contains blackberries, mangoes, cranberry juice and nectar. There again I was welcomed by friendly Mondo staff. And by the way, I was able to talk to all of them and got to know their names. Francis, Cathy, Aloven, Jaycel, Generoso and Francheska are always smiling and I can help but smile too every time they greet guests. I asked whats the difference between Blueberry Bonanza and Midnight Mango. They say of the berries and Midnight Mango has nectar. You will feel the smooth taste of berries right on my juice and consistently, I feel good. I feel healthy for the second day at visiting MONDO JUICE in MEGAMALL.

Oopss, I can’t help but noticed their Chocolate Chunk Cookie (P50) so I ordered 2 cookies for my take out. Awesome cookies compare to leading coffee shops. Imagine for only P50 you’ll have the same equally delicious cookies. I ate them at midnight while blogging. You should try it!

DAY 3: MONDAY – This time I ordered BLUSHING MANGO.

Come Monday I intentionally arrived earlier than my SM Megamall movie advanced screening to visit MONDO JUICE. Yeah I want to know how they come up with different mango combination. 

BLUSHING MANGO has cranberries and nectar. As mentioned by expert, cranberries are especially beneficial to the eyes (they significantly improve symptoms of cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. I love blushing mango because it has natural sweetness without adding sugar.

I matched my blushing mango with Ham and egg sandwich. I feel so full already. By the time I have to leave mondo for my premiere night, I was able to finished another blog entry at their place. On third day, I feel home.


MAGIC I had another schedule last Tuesday at Megamall for the StarCinema Red Carpet premiere again. I am taking my daily MONDO JUICE visit seriously? Yes. Because aside from friendly staff, good music and healthy juices, I still wanted to try another one from their colourful menu. This time, I tried magic behind MANGO MAGIC.
Since this is my fourth visit to MONDO JUICE, I asked Mondo staff if they have something that only has a mango on it. They recommended MANGO MAGIC. Due to my inclination to ham and egg sandwiches, I paired my magic with it. Ham and Egg has capicolla ham, omelette, mild cheddar on a rosemary focaccia. Mango Magic has nectar and orange juice. I think this is my favourite!

I THINK IM THE ONLY ONE WHO DID THAT? Visited MONDO JUICE for four consecutive days and tried almost my favorites among the colourful menu.

I also tried their Cappuccino, and ordered the coffee to hom.

And their Yummy TUSCAN SANDWICH (P160)

Aside from Mondo Juice in SM Megamall, it also has Robinsons Galleria, and Alimall Cubao, like their Facebook page and follow @mondojuice on Twitter.

I will definitely recommend the MAGIC of MONDO JUICE to my friends!

Rod Magaru rates 9 out of 10!



I am planning to visit again within this week or next week as I find the place very cozy and bhas a bloggy ambiance. So I will treat some of my friends there. Let me know if youre visiting and I might give you your smoothies of your choice, courtesy of The Rod Magaru Show!

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