Thinking of Buying a Car? Here Are Some Tips Based on Experience

As we return to the new normal, most of you probably having new working schedules going back to the office and while we are comfortable with working from home, the thought of commuting and driving back again is a conversation we need to have. Right now I just moved back to the city and commuting is not the same anymore. Thank God I can drive whenever I need to be, on time.

I vividly remember how I first dreamed of having my first car back in early 2010 and I spent enormous time computing on my planner about cash out, downpayment terms and interest rates. At that time I didn’t know there are online computing sites to help me decide better. But it was fun planning.

As you all know, I’m a finance professional and I get to understand how it is very important to take care of our finances especially if we are on the stage when we think of acquiring properties or making sure we spend our hard earned money well. While I rely on my excel sheets, there are good reliable sites where you can actually compute for your own expenses. In my case I work as a content creator and with a full time job in finance so I make sure I count my blessings and disbursements well.

Speaking of computation and cars, I was laughing my arse off because I didn’t realize how easy it is to compute when you’re planning to buy a house or car. As I have mentioned, there are interesting finance sites that is ready to show how you plan to spend your budget, I’m talking about my favorite new discovery, the

For starters, I think its the perfect time to consider getting sa car. I know the fuel is ridiculously high now. But commuting is terrible too. I remember back in 2018 when I spent huge amount of car rent expenses in a year!



That is why it is better to assess and compare and calculating a 5-year loan for a car will give you an overview of how are you gonna be spending from either commute or paying car loans while enjoying its benefit. For instance, way back when I was planning to buy a car, this is the exact computation I got from my agent. This is from the automated calculation from the site Im telling you above.

And this computation was handed over to me few weeks after because I had to ask them the matrix of monthly payments. In    
 you will get your answers right away. Also what’s interesting about the site is that there is also a calculator that will help you estimate your fuel cost in any given time (or annually). You just have to key in your car model and how often you go out in a week. This is the computation (and a conversation) we need to have right now! Try it foryourself here: GAS BUDGET CALC


Last week, I read a very interesting list of the 20 Most Fuel Efficient Cars for 2022 and I find it very interesting to look at especially if you need to outsmart fuel consumption. I might find my own bias in here but this line from the site is true in all cost. Moneymax said, “Mirage G4, is known not only as a budget-friendly, easy-to-drive vehicle but also one of the most fuel efficient cars in the Philippines.” I found my peace many years ago in choosing the right car too because of research. and that is my advise for everyone. Ask questions.

So those are the things that I only want to share with you. Be smart and have the right tool in deciding for your future.

Having aware of our fix expenses including emergency is now a life skills. All you need is to be aware of system or sites that will help you in making decisions on how to spend our hard earned money. For more information, just visit

Next blog I will try to share with you my weekly savings about condo living! Have a great week ahead!

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