Vice Ganda’s Winning Streak Remains Unkabogable!

Vice Ganda again received one of the most prestigious recognition in society today as Reader’s Digest awarded her the Most Trusted Entertainment/Variety Presenter award at the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards 2021. 

Readers Digest

“Thank you very much and I really appreciate it and I am so happy that you are recognizing my job, my work, and my duty to always make the people happy. This award will always inspire me to continue making the people around the world, most especially the Filipino, happy,” Vice said as the winner of the same category for three years straight.”

Readers Digest

The Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards is based on a commissioned survey participated by thousands of Filipinos who vote for companies and personalities in terms of trustworthiness, credibility, quality, value, understanding of consumer needs, innovation, and social responsibility. It started in 1998 and continues to determine the factors that make consumers trust brands.

Trust is very important, with the prime status of Vice Ganda, for sure she is a person that is surrounded by lot of people as a sign of support but one must have to be very careful of who to trust because not everyone who shows support could be really trusted. For Reader’s Digest, Vice Ganda deserves the recognition for three consecutive years and for me that speaks highly of what she has accomplished as an entertainer.

“As for me, I only gave my trust to a very few people and it’s OK kahit konti lang sila.” Vice Ganda said when asked about people she trust. “Kasi sure na sure naman ako that they will take care of my trust as I am taking care of the trust that they gave me in return. In Return, I am also very careful to make sure that I reciprocate that action…other people must also trust me and I should also be loyal to those who trust me…it’s hard work but this is the kind of hard work that I gladly accept.”


Having a positive attitude.

Still on trust, Vice Ganda believes that it is painful when trust is lost but she does not dwell on the pain. She always make sure to have a positive attitude – where she acknowledges the pain and hurt, She does not escape from it. She just have to move on and decide not to dwell on anger. She dwell on love.

Evidently her positive attitude manifests in everything she does today. With a very successful daily show on “It’s Showtime”, The most talked about program segment is doing well on the ratings that is why she is so blessed with another upcoming concert abroad!

Actually I am not surprise because I know that this is where Vice Ganda is very good at. And I know that Reader’s Digest consistently conduct rigorous selection process to select their winners. And did you know that the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand winners come from diverse industries such as food and beverage, personal products, finance, motoring related, consumer electronics, health and personal care, household products, retail, education, transport, travel and telecommunications. With her credentials, Vice Ganda is indeed deserving of the recognition.

Readers Digest

Vice Ganda being genuinely kind to her family shares that kindness is universal and spreading the cycle of kindness should not be broken because she believes that this will save humanity and this is the reality that we need to accept.

“Ang sarap makaranas ng kabutihan at ito ang dapat ipasa natin sa ibang tao – sa lahat ng tao. Madami ang nagpapamalas ng kabutihan at ang Sarap sa pakiramdam na Iparanaas sa iba ang kabutihan. Goodness must always be shared.” She concluded.

Speaking of winning the category, Reader’s Digest pride itself in selecting their winners based on the six attributes of trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

With a very rewarding career, Vice Ganda is also blessed with a wonderful lovelife– her relationship with boyfriend Ion Perez is beyong beautiful and they are actually looking forward to celebrate their 3rd year anniversary this coming October 2021!

Way to go Meme! Congratulations!

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