(BEAUTY) Bea Alonzo for Etre Clair by Beautéderm

BEAUTéDERM Corporation marks the birthday of its President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan with another unforgettable milestone as the brand formally welcomes Bea Alonzo to its growing family as the official endorser of its newest product Etre Clair Refreshing Mouth Spray.  

Since she started the company 11 years ago, it has always been one of Rhea’s ultimate dreams to have Bea as part of the illustrious roster of Beautéderm Brand Ambassadors and the young CEO is ecstatic beyond imagination now that her dream to have one of the brightest and most accomplished young actresses in the history of the industry in her amazing stable of endorsers.

“I admire Bea,” says Rhea. “It has always been a dream of mine to collaborate with her as an endorser of Beautéderm. At first it really seemed to be a farfetched dream because of the humble beginnings of the company so my team and I worked very hard until the day finally came when it became a reality. It took me 11 years to make my dream come true and Bea is truly worth the long wait. It was such a joy to deal with Bea and her manager, Ms. Shirley Kuan. She is so professional and so humble – she is everything that I imagined her to be. This is truly a wonderful birthday gift to me.”

Bea on the other hand is equally happy now that she is part of Beautéderm. “It feels great! I’ve always been curious about the brand. I like how it progressed and how its family grew so fast,” says Bea. “A lot of my friends are part of the Beautéderm family, and I’m happy that I can finally endorse this brand alongside them.”

Bea further reveals that she is inspired after finally meeting Rhea for the very time, “I was glad to finally meet her in our shoot. I like being around strong and empowered women. I so am excited for our future campaigns.”

For Bea, Beautéderm has developed Etre Clair – a brand new product that is a hygienic essential, especially nowadays in the midst of the pandemic.

Etre Clair, an antibacterial mouth spray, is part of the brand’s all-natural healthcare line as it is every consumer’s partner in health and beauté. Made with 100% organic ingredients, this mouth spray has potent antibacterial ingredients that help ease throat discomfort caused by harmful microorganisms.

“These days, I use Etre Clair all the time, and I suggest for everyone to use it as often to protect ourselves, especially in these difficult times. Plus, it is organic and mint flavored, it will leave your mouth feeling fresh,” says Bea.

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