(HOPE) UBER is Unlocking Manila Traffic, Encourages Everyone To Consider Ridesharing

Manila Traffic. Oh where will I start? I’m not sure If I already blogged about Manila traffic in the past but there’s one thing I am definitely sure of, I am a daily contributor and victim of Manila Traffic. We all have a fair share of these horror stories on the road and we can go on and on. But today, I came to an event where everyone is talking about solution. I think that’s a good start here.

Christmas is around the corner and I know some of you might be wondering if there are ways to eradicate traffic problems in the Metro. Of course one would go, “Well as long as I can book Uber I am get by the rush.” That might be true in the truest sense of not caring at all.

In the Pan-Asian studies conducted very recently, studies show that traffic jams, parking problems and missed important events have led to people rethinking car ownership. I can agree to this. When I bought my car, I didn’t know that parking is a possible candidate in missing my appointments. According to Uber, Metro Manila residents spend 402 hours stuck in traffic every year. I somehow managed to bring my lunch but how ridiculous is that?

Here are some of the statistics.

There are 75% more vehicles on the road during rush hour.

Today, the average Manila driver spends almost 23 DAYS in traffic and looking for parking. It’s costly, too. Manila drivers spend almost P100,000 looking for parking and sitting in traffic every year.

A recent study revealed that we need only 65% of cars on the road. That’s almost 1M fewer vehicles.

Laurence Cua, General Manager of Uber Philippines also shared interesting facts about human cost.

The revelation above is a very alarming number. Uber Philippines is looking on a different direction. It starts with sharing: using our resources more efficiently. In fact, millennials are starting to realise that car ownership isn’t necessary anymore. So, if we took away the cars we don’t need we could free up space that could be used for hospitals, parks and schools.

I think I agree to this. There were times when I leave my car at home because the time I spend behind the wheel is more frustrating than the time I should have answered few emails at work.

”If the situation in Asia’s cities continues like this, they risk coming to a complete standstill in only a few years. Ride sharing can be an important complement to public transport and private cars when reducing congestions as well as freeing up city space today used for parking spots. By putting more people into fewer cars, we can unlock our cities and their full potential. But it requires that we all work together”, said Brooks Entwistle, Chief Business Officer, Asia Pacific at Uber.

Uber also commissioned the Boston Consulting Group to assess the potential benefits that ride sharing may bring to Asian cities.

It estimated that between 40 to 70 percent of private vehicles on the road today could be removed if ridesharing becomes a viable substitute for private vehicle ownership. In Manila, this means approximately 4 million cars can be taken off the road.

Uber is highlighting the absurdity of the traffic situation in its latest video, entitled “Boxes.” Using cardboard boxes to represent cars, the film humorously shows the reality of modern-day traffic jams and ends with images of a city being overrun by boxes.  Shot on the streets of Bangkok with around 200 extras, the film’s soundtrack is ”Bare Necessities” from the 1967 Disney film ”The Jungle Book”.

Uber is playing a role by providing affordable, reliable alternatives to car ownership to #UnlockManila.

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