(PARTY) Heat It Up! My Laboracay Weekend with Friends, Booze and Environment!

I do not literally know how to start and how to share a very wonderful and incomparable weekend I experienced last Labor Day. More than the separation anxiety, the thought of reminiscing every single event happened there while I sit here now in front of my bed is haunting me. Nevertheless, I am sharing you how I saw and experienced the Laboracay weekend, through #GlobeBoracay. LaBoracay is a Labor Day Weekend celebration where the world-class tourist destination becomes one big party venue with numerous companies and establishments offering non-stop entertainment to attract the vacationing crowd.

The moment I saw these ladies, I know that it is gonna be an epic, longest weekend of my life.

This is actually not my first Laboracay weekend. I was there back in 2014 with media friends too but all I can say is that, Globe really knows how to throw a legitimate summer party one should experience. They even flew some of the loyal subscribers to the Island to fulfill one of their most popular slogans, “Making everything possible.” I was with my fellow blogger friends Zedrik Europe, Marj Sia on our 9am flight.IMG_0176

Although I wrote a list of things I brought to Boracay (Article HERE), Arianne ensured that we got everything we needed. She’s the girl full of energy and funny kind of calmness.. MJ De Leon was already in Boracay for a simultaneous event and Gab Gutierrez from Preview arrived the next day. We also have couple of friends from the roster of today’s influencers such as Wil Dasovich, Daniel Marsh, Etienne Chantal, Patrice Averilla, Anjo Damiles and many more.

With the help of Globe Boracay APP, which I downloaded 4 days before our flight, we were able to manage our schedule to party all night, for four straight days.

We arrived lunch time in Boracay and right after we settled our things we went straight to Two Seasons, where they serve irresistible Pizza and Oyster Sisig. We went there for lunch and did a little rest before we head to our 1st Sunkissed event at 4PM. Looking at the set up and venue I already knew that Globe is up to something huge.  We literally started the party at 4pm! Imagine us sharing a drink from 4PM to wee hours the next day.

Day 2 Globe Sunkissed-14

Here I am with MJ De Leon, Marj Sia, Zedrik Europe and Arianne Munar


Crazy crowd!Day 1 Globe Sunkissed-89

Here’s Mars Miranda and Roda King for Globe Sunkissed Day 1Mars Miranda and

This is how Mars Miranda crowd behave, in a party animal way!

Mars Miranda + Crowd    IMG_9618

The lineup were so good you do not have time to sit down to ignore these Disc Jockeys (DJs)! Here are some of the images captured by Art Oca! BONDAX gave us the set we will never forget! Bondax

Same thing the next day, we kicked off the Globe Sunkissed Party at the Beach side of the White house.

That’s also the first time I saw my sexy, workaholic friend Krisca Tadena who surprised me with a body transformation from voluptuous to I-Can-Wear-Sizes now. I can never be prouder of my friends who chose a healthy lifestyle!


Going back to the nonstop partying, we headed to Epic for Globe Paradise party and Mars Miranda again is playing with my party-heart.

I will never forget how I went home with Zedrik and Gab back to Seawind Resort will all our LSS and high-spirited selves. EPIC! Here are my friends!

MJ De Leon

Ave, Zedrik and Etienne

Gab Gutierrez!

Night 2 spotting. ? #Laboracay2017 #GlobeSunkissed #GlobeSuperParadise

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Here’s Carlo Atendido mixin up some millennial and punky songs.

Carlo Atendido

Day 2 Globe Sunkissed-73


Every afternoon, there were Globe at Home sunset viewing party at the Pearl of The Pacific where you can sit down and relax while waiting for the sunset. I was able to catch 13 Going 30 and my favorite WHITE CHICKS in one of the Boracay afternoons while waiting for the sunset. It was a very chill weekend for us.

Day 1 Globe Sunkissed-7

More than the nonstop partying from Globe Sunkissed and Globe Paradise event, what touched me most is the opportunity to contribute to the island. Globe initiated a Boracay beach clean-up to ensure that the country’s favorite summer getaway is back to its pristine condition even after a major event participated in by over 60,000 local and foreign tourists.IMG_0178


Globe also arranged a wonderful dinner by the beach for us. It was one of the highlights as well as we get to bond and talk about our experience. There were inside jokes created thru the household names Gladys and Manang Fely. It was one of a kind night!


Third night with Gab Gutierrez from Preview, Marj and Zedrik! Fight Fight Fight!


Aside from this, executives and partners of Globe participated in the planting of coral fragments in nursery rafts provided by Boracay Foundation, Inc (BFI). You people know very well that environment is my favorite advocacy projects even in the past and this chance to get to help is a bonus for this trip. This is one way to help ensure marine life biodiversity, environment conservation and sustainable eco-tourism.


Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu (center) leads the coral planting in Boracay. Together with him are (from L-R): Amit Malhotra, GM of Disney Media Networks; Jecial Nuyda, Country Head, ALU/Nokia; Yoly Crisanto, SVP for Corporate Communications, Globe; Arlene Cu; and Brian Cu, Country Head, Grab Philippines.


Since 2012, Globe has been actively helping Boracay with its environmental initiatives such as marine life protection, offshore clean-up training, support for conservation efforts by local stakeholders, and raising environmental awareness among the youth and local residents. After the coral planting, I was able to join the BFI together with Globe executives & partners to visit the area where they plant the corals. I’m with Arlene Cu, Kate Legaspi-Cu, Jecial Nuyda Country Head of ALU/Nokia and Amit Malhotra, Genral Manager od Disney Media Networks, the Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.


It was my favorite Laboracay activities.

 Laboracay parties might be too much for those who have not experience it. In fact, some thought that tourists go there just for the sake of partying, spending money and chill– and that might be true in the truest sense of long holiday break. But lest they did know is that there are volunteers who initiate change while spending the time away. Besides, we all deserve a wonderful vacation.

Day 4 Globe Sunkissed (32)

I actually have some takeaway songs from the Globe Boracay. One is Thief by Ookay and the other one is Skrillex and Diplo by Jungle Bae featuring Bunji Garlin.
Here I am with Marj Sia, Zedrik and Arianne at the Caticlan Airport. The clingy group of Boracay!


I am very grateful to my Globe family for kidnapping me to my usual busy corporate and blogging life in the Metro.

Til next Globe Boracay event people! Photo credits to Art Oca and Globe Telecom

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