(CHECKLIST) Things To Bring When Going to The Much Anticipated Beach Party.


I am sure all of you are going to the much anticipated beach party this summer! Labor Day Party is happening in Boracay Island and Globe Telecom is throwing the greatest party in Town! Dubbed as SUNKISSED BORACAY and SUPER PARADISE, these labor day weekend parties will surely be massive! Before that, let me give you a tour of what Globe Telecom prepared for us this entire summer!

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In anticipation to the upcoming Labor Day party in Boracay, here is my checklist whenever I go to camping or beach stay-cation.


2-3 Swimming attire (no black color so I can play with mostly pastel colors)
1-2 Shorts /Pants (Yep, this is different from the usual swimming shorts)
Slippers, preferably fashionable or tested to last, something you can rely on unlike those wrong people who crossed your life. globe boracay

Extra cool statement or hip tees for departure on my last day.
Undergarments (Please don’t hand your undies on the hotel corridor or tent)

Plastic containers/pouch/bag – like feelings, you might have something you don’t wanna let go?
Extra small bags for other items.
Personal Toiletries (Don’t expect too much from other people. Your happiness depends on how well prepared you are.

Wet wipes (I don’t know but I keep including this on my list)
Cellphone powered by GLOBE LTE Signal (I’m sure you don’t wanna forget this)
Headset (If you want to feel alone or travel to another dimension while sailing or flying first class)
Charger. One of the lessons I learned the hard way back then.
Power banks. This has been the must-haves lately.
Camera, USB Cable / Memory Card Reader in case. Self explanatory.
Accessories such as watch / Necklace / or small plants for your Instagram requirements and OOTDs.
Shades to protect your tantalizing eyes and to stalk without being notice.
Bandana (for fashion) or picnic sheet.
Sunblock SPF 1000++
Mineral water (hydrate)
Traveling pillow.
Flashlight. (I advise this when camping)

Towels and Personal Medicines. It won’t hurt if you bring couple of tablets.
Candies and Chips. Sugar is important.
Laptops – for those who intend to be bombarded by work.

and lastly, your health card.

Oh by the way, this year, Globe devel0ped an app for all of us #GlobeBoracay partygoers out there so we don’t miss the fun from April 28 to May 2!

See you all tomorrow in Boracay!

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