(VIRAL) 10 Reasons Why Melai Swept The Landslide Votes in YFSF Grand Finale.

Melai Cantiveros hailed as the Grand winner of Your Face Sound Familiar. She impersonated Miley Cyrus who popularized Wrecking Ball. Her performance at Resorts World Manila shrieks the crowd. With Jay-R, Nyoy and Edgar Allan in the Final Four, Melai’s 25% chances of winning is in danger at first. But after the performances last saturday night, here are the 10 reasons why Melai is the Grand Winner of Your Face Sounds Familiar garnering 51.93 percent of votes.

Melai Cantiveros performs as Miley Cyrus at Your Face Sounds Familiar's Grand Showdown (2)

  1. Jay-R and Nyoy are equally talented singers, they can pull a sing and dance number given they have performed so much from their previous gigs. But both of them didn’t come from a reality show, they haven’t tried the public voting arena in the past.
  2. Melai is the PBB Big Winner from the PBB Double Up edition. She received a total of 1,226,675 votes or 32.08% of the entire vote. End of Story.
  3. Just like Popsters, Kathniels and the likes, Melai has a strong supportive fan base, the MELASON. MELASON was founded during the PBB Love story opposite Jason Francisco.
  4. Melai is the most entertaining finalist of the show Your Face Sounds Familiar. While we adore Jay-R, Nyoy, Edgar Allan and Jolina, Melai has always been the crowd’s favourite.
  5. The failed attempt of Carla Estrada to the final 4 journey make way for Melai’s united votes. Should Carla Estrada entered final 4, the power of Kathniel will make Melai’s journey to the title miserable.
  6. Jay-R’s choice to impersonate Frank Sinatra is very brave. For a music lover like me, I would say he is the best performer from Day 1 up to the finale. But majority of the voting public didn’t know Frank Sinatra. They don’t know what to compare. They don’t know how to process a wonderful Frank Sinatra impersonation.
  7. Miley Cyrus is the best choice to use at Grand finale. Her effect and influence on the young voters population is tremendous.
  8. Nyoy’s attempt to imitate an 8-octave diva is the most challenging. despite Nyoy gave justice to the performance yet his high notes are technically lacking in thickness
  9. Edgar Allan is talented. No questions ask. But the larger kapamilya text voters have known Melai for so long they can’t afford to spend another penny to another artist.
  10. Rod Magaru is a die-hard MELASON J. Prior to the Grand finale. I predicted Melai as grand winner the moment she entered Final Four. Just like more than 21 Reality shows in the past, I predicted 90% of all of the winners, predicted Melai as grand winner twice.


Congratulations Melai! You are indeed the reality show princess!

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