This Bengga App Introduces A Fun Mock Elections Game, “Impossible Run”

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Much as we want this campaign season to be stress-free, engaging, and even cerebral, it has become a tinderbox of animosity and discord. It’s what partisan politics does. Inflammatory statements lead to heated exchanges that often have no bearing on the issues at hand.

With the campaign trail turning increasingly toxic, something’s got to give—and this is where Bengga, a Play2Earn app, comes into, uh, play.

Bengga, which stands for both “Brand Engagement App” and its slogan, “Be engaged always,” pushes for an engaging and healthy way for people to campaign for their choices. To achieve this, Bengga, of course, designed an entertaining game called “Impossible Run,” a three-day mock presidential election that will run from February 24 to 27 (Thursday through Sunday).

For “Impossible Run,” gamers can play using one of the five presidential candidates as characters: Leni Robredo, Manny Pacquiao, Isko Moreno, Bongbong Marcos, and Ping Lacson. The mechanics are simple: select your presidential bet; the more you play, the more ‘votes’ you earn for your candidate.

Bengga believes that through Impossible Run, campaigning, especially for young people, can be fun and exciting. One can show support for their presidential choices without the ranting and bashing of political opponents in social media platforms.

Now with over 150,000 registered players that belong mostly to Generation Z or Generation Y, the Play2Earn app enables both personal brands and product brands to engage with their respective followers in order to achieve specific objectives.

Bengga asserts that as its player community continues to grow and expand, it can definitely boost support for any political or brand campaign and produce major impact. This is why “Impossible Run” is deemed timely for this election season.

Aside from offering hyper-casual games that are easily playable and massively engaging, Bengga also listens to suggestions from its community of players on what topics to tackle. In the poltical front, for instance, expected subjects would be your favored candidates for Vice-Presidential, Senator, Mayor or even Party-List representative. Other hot topics could include “the best pizza in town,” “the burger to die for,” “the best romantic proposal you’ve ever had,” etc.

Bengga continues to gain legions of users who are thrilled to win real-life rewards while playing a vast selection of games. Aside from providing players with a constantly updated library of games, Bengga also allows individuals to earn digital assets and cryptocurrencies as it operates as one of the apps in the Effort Economy.

Bengga is available for free to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. For more information, visit

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