(MUSIC) Sud releases ‘Halong’ Under Warner Music Philippines

FOLLOWING the release of “Sagutan” and “Dumaloy,” pop-rock powerhouse Sud returns to top form with the release of “Halong” under Warner Music Philippines.

“Halong,” which means take care in Hiligaynon, is an emotional piano ballad about closure that boasts the vocal chops of the group’s front man Sud Ballecer to full effect. Accompanied with fantastic instrumentation, the new track proves to be one of the most moving songs from Sud.

Completed during the ECQ, the group arranged the song remotely via Zoom and Bandlab in collaboration with Roll Martinez while being the only song in their upcoming album that was recorded live with a grand piano.

“Roll gets the sound of the band,” says saxophonist Caloy De La Fuente. “He knows the right textures to keep the band’s sound intact. He knows the strengths and influences of every member and that gives him the distinct advantage of bringing out the best in each of us.”

“Roll initially suggested that the song will only work if we used a grand piano. We gave him several pegs to choose from and he decided a week before recording the song to go for Bon Iver’s Michicant Live At Sydney Opera House performance,” says drummer Jimbo Cuenco on the relatively stripped down concept of the single.

Like all of their hit songs, “Halong” is consistent with the band’s brand of communicating how they feel with sincerity and honesty while keeping things real through their music. The band manages to present personal stories of love, loss, and human interaction which makes it easier for listeners to connect with and relate to their music.

The honesty and simplicity of Sud’s songs gravitates people into the relatability aspect of their music and this is the reason why most of their songs are included in the soundtracks of several blockbuster movies and top-rating TV series.

“Personally, I think our songs are very relatable. They are not too “flowery” with words and we keep the arrangement “doable” in terms of our skills as musicians. Kaya siguro swak din sa mga soundtrack because straight to the point yung mga kanta,” says Sud.

Sud’s “Halong” is now available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, and other digital platforms. Who knows what the post-Covid future holds but for now, watch out for more Warner Music Philippines releases this 2021.





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