Reminiscing My Early Days of Blogging

If I recollect it perfectly, I will be celebrating my 12th year as a content creator this coming May. Seems like yesterday when I was trying to find a perfect niche, a voice and tone on how I want to share my stories to the world. To date, some of may fellows who also started blogging during my time decided to pursue different paths, some managed to settle on their chosen fields. But here we are, twelve years and still passionately blogging about lifestyle and entertainment.

I remember the time when bloggers started to get attention as the reliable source of information about lifestyle, travel tips, movie reviews and the likes. It’s like everyone must have read a blog or two about something before getting that new air fryer, or booking that island tour in Boracay. It’s a celebration of shared stories based on experience. That’s when I realized I want to be part of this growing community. I want to grow as a person. Below is when I hosted the iBlog 8 in University of the Philippines where Pinoy bloggers share ideas, trends and success stories.

Early this month, I glanced upon the Influencer Marketing Trends to watch this 2021 and found interesting ideas such as how brands and influencers will be more attentive to content they post. This brought me back to how I started blogging. Well, my passion to share stories came from my fondness to watch movies and listening to music. I began to share my thoughts about the recently screened films, my excitement about the upcoming Asian tours of popular bands from the west. I started to get a small audience from voicing out some honest opinion about television shows.

What started as a short movie reviews and photo blogs became an interesting conversation in different social media platforms. I got invited to events to write about first dibs on a new movie projects and premiere nights. My first International sponsored tour back in 2014 in Guam was to share about shopping festival happening every November. We also found ourselves snorkeling our hearts. Here I am with David Guison and Camille Co, who will soon to be mom yay!

Back in 2016, blogging and content creation evolved dramatically and influencer marketing became a powerful tool as well to share awareness about the brand. And in all of these progress, there’s only one denominator to those who stayed and became successful, and that is passion on what you do. Thankfully my readers are very dedicated to support me and the stories I shared. That same year I won most popular entertainment blogger by PUSH AWARDS, 

Blogging also got me to cover exclusives related to entertainment. Here I am with the Best Picture winners of the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, Sunday Beauty Queen.

And this passion also brought me to be a panel speaker for some symposiums and workshops from different organizations and Universities.


Just like those who followed their hearts to pursue their passion, many became an agents of change in content creation and influencer marketing. Some even ventured to run their businesses and labels like Daniela Titiun, who’s very passionate about tea. It was a very inspiring stories I keep on reading.

Today, I’m still here and still very eager to learn about this craft and what future holds in content creation. I’m glad that there are authorities who continue to guide everyone particularly stakeholders and companies to lead the way. And that is a community worth growing for.

I am beyond grateful..





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