Here’s Why I Recommend GMOVIES App This Holiday

Do you guys remember back in the days when movie trailers and its behind-the-scenes are being shown every Sunday morning? I ask because If I can trace my reasons why I started blogging back in 2009, it is because of my fondness to movies. I remember being glued to TV just watching trailers because back then I know its impossible to see movies due to age restrictions. Fast forward to today, here I am, seeing as much movies I can fit on my schedule.

Movie times are the best. I am always excited just to smell and feel cinema ambiance, from falling in line and afterwards  –talking nonstop, debriefing with friends. I guess that’s the start of my blogging career. A passion fulfilled, an interest pursued.

ROD MAGARU WATCHING MOVIES WITH FRIENDSHere I am with blogger friends during one of the movie screenings at Powerplant Mall.

While I miss falling in line to buy movie tickets hours before the screening, I have found one favorite life hacks when booking movies. Thanks to Globe for giving us GMOVIES. It’s an app that gives you current movie offerings and schedules, which also allows you to reserve and book at the palm of your hand.


I have been using app this for so many years and its’ like ordering your favorite menu on a restaurant, only better. With GMOVIES, all I have to do is to show up in Cinemas and show my ticket codes.


I remember there were days when I stayed up late at work and all I want to do is to end my night with a movie experience. Yes, I watch movie alone. Weird but sometimes I find comfort having the seat rows all to myself. I check my GMOVIES history and found bookings for some late night screenings:

GMOVIES / MMFF / RODMAGARUSome of my GMOVIES Booking history

I started doing movie reviews when I received requests or mentions asking my thoughts about a certain movie. But of course, writing a movie review consumes time and you really have to see the movie the moment it gets release in cinemas. You have to be there on first day so people who wants to know your views get first dibs on your reviews. That’s when I regularly use GMOVIES app booking last full shows and the likes.

What I like about GMOVIES app is the convenience. From skipping the lines to getting first dibs on your preferred seats, GMOVIES is like your all-in-one shop for a movie experience. It is a game changer especially when you want to watch and book a newly released film on its first day of screening. Aside from Marvel and DC, lining to ticket booths at Film Festivals are tiring. And as a fan of local movie festivals all year round, GMOVIES has been my savior.

Everything I mentioned above was before pandemic hit us. This year, many industries got affected by how the implementation of lockdown reduce foot traffic, gatherings and occasions. And that includes celebration of filmmaking, not only premieres but making the movies itself. This year was unimaginably hard. Good thing local film industry found a workaround to keep the tradition and bring the work of art right at our doorstep. One of the best news I guess this year is the announcement of one of my favorite festivals pushing through, the Annual Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).


This year, MMFF partnered with UPSTREAM and GMOVIES to bring holiday movie favorites stream on our own time. I’m actually happy that GMOVIES paved the way to the new normal by booking our favorite MMFF this year. Regardless of lockdown, GMOVIES’ purpose finally empowered in bringing the films closer to us.


Ok since I’m talking about MMFF this holiday. Yes, the Festival is gonna be happening as scheduled this Christmas Day up until first week of January through UPSTREAM and you can book your tickets through GMOVIES app and website for only P250 per title (roughly $10). If you are still undecided, you. can check the list of MMFF official entries in the summaries I made. Click the photo to watch.


Oh by the way,  I’ve heard that tickets are already on sale locally since yesterday December 7 and internationally on December 18.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can buy tickets to MMFF.


I will keep recommending GMOVIES to friends because it is where I found comfort and convenience when planning to catch up with friends. In just a few clicks, you secure the seats you want at your own preferred time. Don’t forget to download GMOVIES app on Playstore and iOS. Visit for more information.








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