(DATING) How Do You Make That first Impression? Here are 5 First Date Tips from OkCupid

According to an international study conducted by YouGov, a globally esteemed public opinion and data company, preference for personality over looks is a global phenomenon. Majority of both men and women look at a person’s character as a key attribute in a potential partner.

Pushing this concept is OkCupid, an online dating app whose very motto is “Match on what matters”. With their multiple questionnaires and preferences, OkCupid’s algorithm is programmed to match people based on their similarities which translates into a compatibility rating. While OkCupid helps with establishing common ground and an easy way to start a conversation, what then?

Below are some first date tips that can help ensure a first date’s success, and maybe even the promise of future ones.

  1. Keep calm and carry on.

It’s part of prepping for a first date to get stressed, but it’s important to handle those nerves. Find something relaxing to do before heading out on your date, like hanging out with friends beforehand or sweating it out in the gym, so you end up feeling and acting more like yourself.


  1. Plan an informal but interactive activity.

While 35% of Filipino OkCupid users love coffee dates as a first date activity, choosing an easy activity like walking around a park is also a good idea. That’s because stationary dates require consistent banter to keep it going. But by moving around, you have chances to share different stories about yourself.

  1. Manage your expectations.

It’s reasonable to have expectations of each other before the date since approximately 52% of Filipino OkCupid users Google their dates beforehand but throw them out the window to give the actual person a chance. No one wants to be disappointed because the other doesn’t live up to what you were thinking.  

  1. Be true to who you are.

No matter what, you should be yourself, quirks and all, so you get to know if they like you for you and not an idea of you. 

  1. It’s about getting to know them, not an interrogation.

Even if we want to have a deep conversation, it’s best to stay away from the topic of politics as 62% of Filipino OkCupid users don’t enjoy discussing it. We can still find other areas of conversation to get to know them that are less controversial.

By downloading OkCupid, people will be able to encounter their unique set of fun and serious questions. With this range of questions, it gives people a chance to share different stories about themselves as well as help the system in identifying the right matches. 

“It’s true that meeting someone online is tricky since it’s so easy to put up a front. But with OkCupid we encourage people to be their authentic selves with our mix of questionnaires and preferences so that we can match those with similar interests and personalities. Let us help you find common topics and interests to help make that first impression really count,” said Melissa Hobley, OkCupid’s spokesperson and chief marketing officer.

Get OKCupid on Google Play or App Store and start making meaningful connections now!

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