I was actually planning to attend a blocked screening in Eastwood but here I am still enjoying my long weekend with family. So I decided to convince Mom to join me on a movie date on a black Saturday to watch NEVER NOT LOVE YOU. NEVER NOT LOVE YOU is a film by Antoinette Jadaone starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre with Sharmaine Suarez, Luis Alandy, Rez Cortes, Yayo Aguila, Vitto Marquez and many others.

Before we discuss, let us watch the full trailer here:

I have reviewed most of the recent movies of James and Nadine and I those I can say were just okay (if you know what I mean). This time, I am making an exception. Never Not Love You is an experience. It tells you about relationship that encourages growth and change in its truthful form.

I think the journey of their characters, Gio and Joanne can be attributed to the untold stories of relationships who tried to find a reason to stay, a reason to fight and a reason to justify choices with LOVE as the only bias.

I can relate to Gio in trying fulfill what he wants in life. To choose to be happy. Free-spirited and careless, Gio settled on his comfort zone, to find a way to be happy. For him, perfect love is not about finding the “right person”, it is about becoming the correct person capable of love, and that is when Joanne gave prejudice in saying yes to new beginnings, despite everything good that is going on around her. And I liked the fact how self-aware she is when it was time to realize when she’s happy or not.

The movie will not give you that kilig and blood rush from a typical romantic plot, but stretches the importance of processing, experiencing, enjoying a moment with the one you can’t sleep without thinking. The movie is a narrative of true stories. For me, watching this plot is a journey of reconfirming their characters, and how we relate to them. It has a very heartfelt script that is sincere towards the end without asking too much to be understood. This is actually the first time I wholeheartedly liked a JaDine movie.

I mean, in years of waiting for them to get a good story, I think they found a perfect narrative that matches their winnable performances. It is as if they know Gio and Joanne all along. Very honest and sincere in its intention to confront choices, the film reassures everyone to hold on, to find reason, and the ending tells it all. Its in the silence they found themselves asking, accepting and reminiscing.

Their characters are very sincere. It is a journey worth tackling.

One thing I relearned about watching it, is the fact that selfishness indeed kills relationship. It is when you attend to your own needs without looking into account of the other person. Sometimes when we enter into relationships, we forgot the fact that it is forgetting about “you” and embracing the fact that it has to work beneficially for two people.

Ok, I liked how the film treated its photography at its finest. From the Squid Ink set up to the valley of wonderful nature from a far. It is like asking you not to blink when these scenes are happening. The 7/11 scenes are very okay until it became an obvious placement, but still forgivable.

Graded A by Cinema Evaluation Board and is rated Parental Guidance (PG) by MTRCB. Showing in more than 200 cinemas nationwide.

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