(LIFESTYLE) How I Spread More Happy from My 14-Day Challenge With Enervon

I don’t usually share my personal “life hack” or secret to happiness. In fact I always feature about other stories and brands I love from the past years. This time, I’d like to think I am opening up to my loyal readers in terms of something to share about myself. Well, other than my IG stories and previous essays (in tagalog), I don’t usually blog about my personal life.

Early this month I have posted on Facebook that I accepted a challenge from Enervon. For my non resident citizen readers, Enervon here in the Philippines is a nutritional supplement to help promote increased energy and enhance the immune system. The challenge was to take Enervon Multivitamins for 14 days and share my thoughts about it. At first, I know if would be hard for me since I really have to monitor my daily activities but then I realized, I have been doing it since Snapchat invaded me.

DAY 1 – On my first day, I shared how I included Enervon to my cravings at work. I started this challenge where everyone is eating at work and I myself succumb to my cravings. It was indeed a great start between me and Enervon.

DAY 2. The next day and I have to be super accurate on this, my brother actually loves Enervon. So right after my breakfast I shared how my brother bought packs of it so we can bring multivitamins on our family getaway in Batanes. It was one of the happiest family bonding I remember, with Enervon.

DAY 3. My third day was quite exhausting. I had a photo-shoot with ASUS Philippines for the launch of ASUS Zenfone 4 (They’re officially launching it today!) and we finished around 6PM. Good thing I took Enervon that morning that’s why I was able to ask my blogger friends to join me on my monthly grocery from a healthy store. I believe Enervon helped me achieve that extra happiness on this day.

DAY 4. The next day Sunday, I was able to spend some quality time with friends and we decided to play some traditional Filipino games. Named as “SUNGKA” which is more popular in Bulacan province, we finished the whole afternoon explaining and debating about the rules of the game and ended up laughing so hard because we created our version of rules towards the end. Still Enervon helped me achieved that energy I needed. I wish we can all repeat that afternoon.

 DAY 5. My fifth day is about SUMMER. You know how much our bodies require guaranteed energy to accomplish that summer goal and that is to travel and try new things. I posted my experience at the Hot Air Balloon in Pampanga. It was one of the best experiences I had and I have learned that riding a Hot Air Balloon requires more energy from our end because it will take some time to go back to the camp once you landed from barely anywhere else! During this time, we landed near Bataan. Imagine the walk we did to reach the streets where our service is. For this kind of activity, I recommended Enervon to be your partner every summer.

DAY 6. The next day Tuesday I went to the gym to reunite with my weights. I know that it is very impossible to find a schedule for a busy guy like me, trying to manage work and life and spend few hours at the gym. I realized we really need to be stronger to achieve what we really want in life. Hence, Enervon is the ultimate companion in times like this.

DAY 7. The next day was a movie time for me. Coincidentally CINEMALAYA, an annual festival of amazing Filipino films in the Philippines is on and as a movie reviewer, I am really targeting to at least be able to see half of them. With an extended time at work I thought I will have no time to meet Ely Valendez for a movie. Glad that it was Enervon again who made it possible.

DAY 8. The first week with Enervon is quite engaging. My 8th day was practically being with my equally energetic blogger friends who, never failed to think of what to do and where to go. Of course I have to be at par with their adrenaline so in order for me to match that energy, Enervon is glad to be within my reach. Here I am with Gus Villa, Sky Gavin and Duane Bacon.

DAY 9 . On my 9th day, we were able to finish our task at work effectively and efficiently so I treated my team to a wonderful afternoon of Mexican lunch. They also noticed that I am taking Enervon for a week now and they said they want to be extra happier like me haha. And so they did.

DAY 10. The next day, work finally declared that we officially beat the deadline so what we did was to scout for a very interesting seafood house within the area. We found one in Home Depot in Julia Vargas and was able to convert fellow leads to join me on my journey to extra happier life.

DAY 11. In my line of work, sometimes I have weekend work and sometimes I am very apprehensive to perform because I know Sunday is family time and you know, rest is necessary. But the good thing about working during weekend is that your team is always on call when there are priorities. Thank God Sunday work is extra easier now with Enervon.

DAY 12. On my 12th day of my Enervon Challenge, I ensure that I get the time and energy to meet my friends at night to catch another movie. So I met with my #RuRoRo (Rodel and Ruth) for another round of chat and movie. It was almost impossible but I think I get the vibe of being energetic even at night. It was a long catch-up and very grateful to my multivitamin for the extra push.

The next day I woke up with the news that our favorite UBER was suspended by LTFRB. It was a sad day for those UBER users including myself because of the limited transportation options in the streets. So I expected a happy traffic on my 13th day. Good thing, I took Enervon during breakfast and played my favorite Spotify playlist while I am on my way to work.

On the 14th day of my Enervon challenge, I took one in the morning and reflect what I really aspire in life. Hence I posted this photo. This photo is taken by my blog reader from last year’s Push Awards where I won Most Popular Entertainment Blogger in the Philippines.

After the challenge, I realized that it is always important to be able to deliver what is needed of us on a daily basis. And it is very important to be ready for unexpected circumstances. So with that 14 days of sharing my experience, I have learned that Enervon always has a special place in everything that we do. Be it a simple bonding with family, travel with friends and even focusing tasks at work. Enervon is designed to be our partner everyday to combat exhaustion and spread optimism.

I really had a great time with the challenge and I know this journey with Enervon has just started. Thank you Enervon! Lets spread more happy!

For more information about Enervon, please visit their website at www.enervon.com.ph and like the Enervon Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/EnervonPH!

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