(TECH) Everyone Is Talking About The Latest Accessories from Digital Walker, The XPower!


If there are few things I “SHOULD NOT FORGET” to bring everyday, I mean other than house and car keys, that would probably my battery charger (powerbank), my headset and wallet. In my kind of schedule I have to put an extra effort to be online throughout the day regardless of where I am, hence the necessity to bring my powerbanks.

I bought two of my powerbanks in some of the online sale. It still serve me as of this time. But it is quite heavy and huge so I feel like I’m bringing an extra baggage. Good thing I was able to catch up with what’s latest in the metro in terms of the “MUST HAVE ACCESSORIES” today. Digital Walker launched its latest line, XPower. Made with a focus on battery power, these products will instantly save the lives of our gadgets!



I am very glad to have known my options today. These latest from Digital Walker come in four main categories that are based on the most popular demands of customers: powerbanks, chargers, cables, and headphones. Each product is designed to help me get through your day.

Everyone knows the fear of your phone battery running out midday, especially if you’re a power user. The Xpower PB12+ Power Bank, the sister to the previous PB8+ Power Bank, is perfect for this. With three built in cables that cater to your different gadgets, this makes for one handy power bank. In addition to this, the Xpower PB12+ Power Bank is updated with a bigger power capacity to ensure fully charged devices.


Equipped with 1 quick charge 3.0 port, 1 type C port and 2 smart IC port, the Xpower CC4QC 47W Quick Charge 3.0 Type C Car Charger is a monster charging machine that would be a great companion for a road trip. Made with Qualcomm QC 3.0 technology, it charges 400% faster than a standard charger. You can now take advantage of the long hours on the road by charging your devices in the car, as it has become a worry-free task. Industry grade materials and premium circuitry ensure the safest charging experience at all times, to protect you, your device and property from short circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, overheat and overcurrent.

Always worried about cables that stop working under a month? Never get caught without a cable anymore. Made with top grade material such as pure copper cable and a non-tearable Aluminum shield, the Xpower 3-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Cable was made to be reliable and to fulfill all the USB needs that you’ll need. It’s handy to use one cable three ways, enabling you to connect for synchronizing and charging at the same time. Because it is of high quality, investing in one woud be a great choice, as it will always be by your side.



Made for those with an active lifestyle, the Xpower BH1 Bluetooth Sport Headphones are a small and incredibly light pair that provides four hours of battery life for your listening experience.  It is also made with a high performance stereo audio and magnet attraction design that one can wear around the neck, if needed.


Everyone gets by with just a little bit of help, so don’t forget to check out the latest accessories from XPower! XPower is now available in all Digital Walker stores. For more information, you may check out Digital Walker’s social media accounts @DigitalWalkerph

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