(MOVIE) Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Blogcon for “Imagine You and Me”

The Blogger’s conference of the much awaited movie of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza happened last night at Relish in Quezon City. Together with my fellow close blogger friends, we agreed to come to personally see Alden and Maine together.

Imagine You and Me is the first starring role of Maine and Alden Richard’s second film with Maine. Shot in the beautiful location of Italy, the team went to very short but productive out of the country movie shoots and braved the unparalleled yet lovable sceneries in Como, Italy.



The bloggers conference I believed is what Direk Mike Tuviera preferred because as he mentioned last night, we (bloggers) ask better questions (thank you!) and as far as I have heard, the press from their last engagement usually threw personal questions about Maine and Alden. It was one of the funniest, intimate bloggers conference I attended.

Combining the wit and funny characters behind the camera, Alden and Maine obviously enjoyed our night.

Imagine you and Me - ALDUB rodmagaru.com

Imagine you and Me - ALDUB rodmagaru.com

I did a Facebook Live last night on my page Rod Magaru Show FB PAGE and you can watch it here:

Watch this exclusive snippet from the movie specially prepared by Direk Mike for us, and (of course we shared this to social media agad agad (immediately!)

I saw the spark between the two. While Direk Mike is sharing their experience in Italy, I look at them and see the rapport build throughout these time. Maine is typically the makulit type and Alden the usual charming. There was an instance when my fellow bloggers ask question about telling hints about the movie and Alden is so cautious in revealing a major spoiler. It was night full of laughter.

Imagine you and Me - ALDUB rodmagaru.com

Imagine you and Me - ALDUB rodmagaru.com

Imagine you and Me - ALDUB rodmagaru.com

I already blogged about the Imagine Me And You TRAILER HERE.


I usually don’t attend blogger’s conference for some reasons. One is because of my schedule and conflict of events and the other one is priorities. When I get the invitation from a friend to dine with Alden and Maine, without a blink of an eye I said yes because it falls on weekend and of course to finally meet the tandem everyone loves.

I’d like to think that the past circumstances between me and Aldub fans rose from my unfavorable movie review of some of the MMFF entries. And trust me, I don’t remember anything personal about it. Sometimes it is hard to tell your impression about the movie you watched as a reviewer but I do hope that some of them should understand that unfavorable movie reviews are not hate posts, but a mere expression of opinion, and there is no right or wrong perception– I am glad that some of them understand this premise.

I have reviewed so many local movies and gained respect from the people I look up to, and of course some people didn’t like what I wrote in the past, I guess we can never really please everyone and that’s a mix of sad and happy reality.

I may have said negative about something but that is because people judged and attacked me without knowing me, and I have to defend myself. Still I am grateful that despite a small number of people who attacked me below the belt, I am still grateful that there are bigger number of Aldub fans who understood my stand as a blogger. Last night was an opportunity to clear that out. Thank you to all Aldub fans who shared their appreciation and posted their Thank You’s on all of my social media accounts.

Going back to the Imagine You and Me movie, I don’t have a date yet on July 13, but I will definitely watch this film as another way of opening my doors to more content worthy articles from Richard and Maine.

imagine me and you alden richards maine mendoza aldub movie

Here are some of the photos form last night’s Bloggers conference.






Imagine You and Me opens in more than 100 cinemas nationwide on July 13, 2016.

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