(EVENT) KDKN Solidarity Conference, A Successful CEBU Leg.

As Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla finished their TV commitment, from the recently concluded remake of Pangako Sa Yo, the two are now busy travelling (both for work and leisure) and gearing up for the next big Kathniel movie and a Himig Handog Love Song hosting gig. I’m sure now you didn’t hear much from the Kathniels, but don’t ever think (even for one second) that they are resting. In fact they are silently talking, collaborating, discussing, and even holding a conference for the benefit of the entire fandom. I welcome you to the KDKN solidarity Conference.

I always fly to Cebu monthly and I kind of loving it. This time, I was invited to share my thoughts about current issues, social media, audience behavior and the likes. Since these topics are usually included in my talks to schools, I gave my YES to them. Initially I have no idea about the solidarity conference. But later on I have learned that the solidarity is an effort to unite the growing fanbase of Daniel and Kathryn. When I say growing fans oh you tell me, these are growing numbers of group supporting Daniel alone, supporting Kathryn alone and supporting both Daniel and Kathryn. The call for Unity is a brave attempt to have a unified understanding of love and strategic support for Daniel and Kathryn. I have never seen a rock solid, intelligent fanbase in my entire blogging life and I can count on these KATHNIELS are the force to reckon with.


This is not the first solidarity conference for Kathniel. Last year, they spearheaded a successful get together in a star studded event graced by Karla Estrada and Min Bernardo, mothers of Daniel and Kathryn respectively. It was a successful event that it indeed needs a follow up. This time, KDKN Solidarity flew to Cebu, and it didn’t disappoint.

After welcoming the participants, we heard from at least three fans about their inspiring fan stories. These three shared how Daniel and Kathryn inspired them from studying hard, getting close to siblings, accepting and loving one family, boost self-confidence, I can go on and on and the list are never ending. It was a happy session to begin with.



After that Tita Chi Sangil from KDKN Solidarity, the lovable mother of every KDKN shared the result of the survey conducted for Kathniel. The demographics shows how much support a fan can give, ages, locations and reasons why they love Daniel and Kathryn. The survey has indeed a unified answer.

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I am overwhelmed at how Daniel and Kathryn inspired so many teens, workforce, mommies and even lovers from all walks of life by the simple things they do. It was an eye opener for me to get to know more about them.


Then afterwards it was my time to share my thoughts as a social media influencer, as a blogger and as a fan. I recall I don’t have memorable fan stories like Shane from Kathryn Bernardo Buddies (KBB) but I recall having been invited to a TV show to discuss how powerful Kathniels are. With the growing numbers of loveteams from all over, I see that Kathniel fandom has started it all. They were there from Going bulilit to Yangdon to Got To Believe up to Pangako Sa Yo. They wholeheartedly supported kathniel in a consistent way. I believe Daniel and Kathryn is more than just a loveteam.

Aside from inspiring so many people as Teen King and Queen, they have different set of fanbase. They are the network’s homegrown and fans followed them from adolescence to maturity. There was no rush, only sure winning projects. Threats? I don’t think there is a threat to consider. At least that’s how I see it. And I’m glad to have shared it with them.   They also discussed some of the KDKN Fandom Divisiveness, causes, and proposed solutions which was discussed during the World Café Session. A World Café Session is an organized way of collecting thoughts from all of the participants answering all topics. Issues are written in different boards and participants will go around to share their insights. It was a good exercise I even picked some of the best practices that I can apply as a person. I have respectful and intelligent audience right there. I loved the experience.IMG_2458   With so many topics discussed, I will leave that to them as that might be confidential so I suggest you attend to the next so you can hear it yourself.   IMG_2471  

KDKN also launched its KDKN Community Website for National Council of FCs from Solid DJ, Solid Kath, and Solid KN that afternoon and encouraged everyone to register. Tita Min Bernardo and Karla Estrada also promoted the weblink through video message and through their social media accounts.



Before the closing session, they played a very heartwarming video depicting the support of the entire fandom to Kathryn and Daniel. It was one of the best videos from supporters I have seen. Majority of the participants got teary eyed with the video presentation and I adore their efforts to pull a successful solidarity conference. I hope that everyone has this initiative to unite.IMG_2451

More than the solidarity, I am glad I visited and talked as I met new free spirited friends who has the passion and undying love. (Also I finally get to know the story of BLUE HEART haha!) I would love to meet a bigger crowd next time. It was indeed a successful event to beat! Til next time!IMG_2503

       Thank you KDKN for having me! (Til next time!)

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