(MOVIE REVIEW) Different Kinds of Love in Jadaone’s “All You Need Is Pagibig” #MMFF2015

Star Cinema releases their other entry to the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) starring Kris Aquino, Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Pokwang, Jodi Sta Maria, Ian Veneracion and Derek Ramsay entitled ALL You NEED IS PAG-IBIG.

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ALL YOU NEED IS PAGIBIG is another Antonette Jadaone’s awesome contribution to the movie industry. With great screenplay and storylines, I can say that this is not an alternative, but also one of the frontrunners among the 8 festival entries this year.

The story is plain simple. It asks us to decide onto which character in this movie that we can easily relate to. In fact, the director succeeded in at least showing the different kinds of love in this world. It’s a discovery of one self, a celebration of love and accepting some truths that might hurt us.

In this movie, I liked how Kris Aquino agreed to play as unsatisfied, tired yet successful key player in entertainment industry. Her sultry appearance is way tacky yet classy.

Ian Veneracion and Jodi Sta Maria’s kind of love is the usual love encounters we always see in the workforce. Office romance seems to be most popular kind of love we see these days. And it worked! Jadaone’s kind of love with Ian and Jodi or what fans called ‘Amorado’ is one of the bestselling points of this entry.

The power of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu’s tandem in this movie is indeed POWERFUL! Kim’s comedy already sold millions in Box Office with Xian Lim’s adorable charm. Xian’s physique is also what you have to look forward in this movie. Matured roles and a winning, dominant scene from Kim Chiu is what make them legit actors placed in a romantic-comedy film. One phrase to describe their portrayal: YOU CAN RELATE.

all you need is pagibig

On the other hand, Pokwang’s portrayal of hopeless romantic lass who remains a prisoner of love from the past is another kind of love that people can relate to. We can never find love from where we search, but we can discover love from people around us.

Ronaldo Valdez and Nova Villa’s love is eternal. I look at my Mom’s reaction on every Ronaldo-Nova scenes and she was sitting there smiling. Their story might be true in all of us.

Bimby Aquino and Cancio sisters are cute and effective. You may find yourself in one of them.

Derek Ramsay is sexy. No more words. Same acting, same attack. Nothing’s new.

I liked the message of the movie that indeed, we need LOVE. Regardless of forms, love is what keeps us going.

With so many characters in this movie, it is quite hard to master the continuity on every single stories. Sometimes I find the cut unnecessary or too fast and sometimes it gets boring and predictable. And there are not much HUGOT dialogues as compared to what is being promoted.


  1. Kim Chiu and Xian Lim’s fake orgasm play.
  2. Opening Scene with ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda’
  3. Jodi and Ian’s Veneracion belting out a inside the car.
  4. Beautiful and scenic aerial view of Coron Palawan
  5. Xian Lim’s real talk with Kim Chiu inside the car. BURNN!

Rod Magaru Show Ranks ALL YOU NEED IS PAGIBIG >>> 8/10.

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  1. This movie was such a joynto watch, the scenery and directing were really on point. I do have to disagree about the fake orgasm being a highlight. I cringed from the awkwardness and found it way too similar from ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Also, may potential sina Mel and Er but ultimately their storyline felt rushed. Parang sinali lang para nandoon. Almost like a waste having talents like Sta Maria and Veneracion who we know can do well but were underutilized. Aquino was fantastic – it is true that there is nontrace of her personality ib love. And the kids were cutr. Overall it was enjoyable but


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