(MOVIE REVIEW) BUY NOW DIE LATER is Surprisingly Entertaining Psycho-Horror Flick.

Directed by Randolph Longjas, Buy Now Die Later  2015 is a psychological horror thriller with a touch of comedy film. BUY NOW DIE LATER is typically a movie divided into different chapters and story starring Vhong Navarro, Alex Gonzaga, Rayver Cruz, John Lapus, Janine Gutierrez, Lotlot De Leon, TJ Trinidad and many more.


From the looks of it, it remains one of the obvious low budgeted films in terms of texture. The director however managed to not make it dull and boring by making a fast pace narrative. The combination of comedy and suspense horror components are enough to make me stay until the end. I admit there were scoring and scene where I shouted with other audience in the cinema.
vhong navarro
I liked how the characters resolved their respective connections in the end, making different chapters easy to understand as part of a big horror plot. I must say that its been a while since I saw a horror movie without too much errors, without too much false execution. Some of the horror movies Ive seen in the past failed to deliver the expectation of the audience in so many forms. Buy Now Die Later on the contrary gives you reason to sit
I havent seen Vhong Navarro act for quite sometime. But I believe he never loses his core. Same with Rayver Cruz. Lotlot De Leon deserves the Best Supporting Actress in her performance. She was able to deliver the way I always look up to her regardless of the role. Alex Gonzaga is effortless in her role as Chloe. The director found its way to user her witty image to play her role effectively. John Lapus managed to consistently bring the joy in this movie. I liked his role in this movie. It has a heart, a struggle of what we seem to neglect in every gay friends we have. He is very effective and beyond expectation. I hope producers will see him as key player in this kind of genre in a major movie project.
 Major turnoff: TJ Trinidad‘s prosthetics in the end.

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