(MOVIE REVIEW) Star Cinema’s ‘Everyday I Love You’ Headlines Honesty, Being Real

I have to make it short. I liked the movie so much that I want to repeat it again. I think the Negrenses will like this movie so much. The tribute to happy people of Bacolod will always be remembered in this project.

Let’s watch the trailer first.

Granted, Everyday I love you still sports the usual assortment of Direk Mae Cruz or Cathy Molina rom-com kilig, weirdness and other strange Enrique movie-type characters. Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for Enrique’s good guy roles. Supporting cast are funny, the grannies included. They all turn out a welcome bit of comedic filler in a movie that without them, strangely enough, could get pretty heavy. I don’t like the “Bully me-I cry-you realize you’re sorry” plot though. I already saw that in ‘JUST THE WAY YOU ARE‘. Still, Direk Mae’s over the top direction gives the movie a perfect balance.
enrique gil
Despite the above mentioned juvenility, Everyday I love you requires one of Soberano‘s most grown-up performances as she struggles with staying with her first love, and someone who reminds her of her old self and making her dreams come true. It’s an admittedly silly love-triangle premise that’s handled with forethought and purpose.

I like how Direk Mae Cruz pushed Liza to conquer extra-mile to do this romantic-comedy yet challenging role for Liza. She is totally out of her comfort zone. At first I saw her character in her recent movie with Enrique but towards the end of the plot I see a new Liza, raw and authentic.

liza soberano

Enrique Gil’s character is relate-able to the working force. To corporate junkie, workaholic, confuse on whether they’re trying to prove themselves. He is refreshing to watch, as if his dialogues are real and unscripted.

I am quite a following of Gerald Anderson‘s project. Seeing him in previous successful love-teams with box office records, I am glad that he did this project with Liza and Enrique (LizQuen). He also gave justice to the role and I like how he gave this movie for the LizQuen audience. He is generous enough.

Gerald anderson

Truth is, I have been in love for almost a year now, and this movie is quite a reflection of what inlove and happy people feel. I can still hear the audience wanting to die in their seats because of that ‘kilig’, myself included. I liked how scoring brought me to different levels of emotion.

Everyday I love You is showing starting today nationwide. Rod Magaru show  >>>> 9/10

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