(TIPS) How I Enjoy Spending & Shopping Abroad Wisely without Using Credit Card!

My friend once commented on my Instagram account that he wants to replicate everything that I do (posted) online. I told him to be soooo careful what he asks for. He got inspired on how I enjoy my travels, my work and how I balance crazy weekdays and unexplained weekends.


The truth is, my work and life balance up to now remains enigmatic. I stop asking myself what happened and proceed to go on my unexplained time management because I will just end up spending another hour wandering how my days and weeks went. I used to complain I’m busy, even depending it with “BUSY is GOOD” mantra. But then later I realized being busy is an excuse to be able to enjoy opportunities, even small ones. So I dropped my excuses.

Speaking of lifestyle and travel, this year is quite an opportunity for me to see wonderful world. Below is a photo of my recent visit to Times Square in New York.

And traveling requires us to be more attentive on our spending abroad. That’s why today I am sharing you how I managed my trips without withdrawing too much cash, and not having a credit card. Yes I don’t have a credit card. I turned my back to credit cards years ago because I finally find a partner that allows me to enjoy the perks of cashless transaction, and wise spending. This is when I met GLOBE’s GCASH.

I have been blogging a lot of my online shopping and going to Bazaars using my GCASH account for quite sometimes and this year.



I was able to test the power and wonders of GCASH not only through shopping locally and online, but also abroad.  Below is a sample purchase I made online using GCASH.

gcash timex1

But for starters, (assuming you are) I am giving you short background of GCASH Mastercard. GCASH MASTERCARD is a type of GCash card with a MasterCard logo that is linked to your GCash wallet. It lets you shop securely from partner establishments that accept MasterCard as a mode of payment.


To avail of a card, simply visit any nearest Globe stores near you, fill out the service form, and present a valid ID. You just have to personally submit the completely filled-out GCash service form and your valid ID.


Before I leave abroad, I always fund my GCASH account a sufficient amount because I can access it anywhere in the world using ATM Machines. It is literally a helpful debit card affiliated to MasterCard so it is recognized worldwide. I actually able to use it to pay for items via POS from 33 million MasterCard Merchants worldwide. In fact when we were stranded in Istanbul for a layover, GCASH helped me ease my worries.

I also received notifications thru SMS.


And since you can actually transfer funds from one account to another, I was able to ask friends with GCASH to fund me during the time when I ran out of cash. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

Note that you can only use one (1) Globe/TM number to activate your GCash MasterCard. This number will be linked to your GCash MasterCard, and be used to fund your GCash Wallet. And since your GCash MasterCard is linked to your GCash wallet, you can fund it via GCash Outlets, mobile banking, online Bank Transfer and/or any BancNet ATMs.

For more information about GCASH Mastercard, click HERE

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