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Ive been hearing this much talk about HOOQ since the start of March,  an online entertainment service that gives you access to a library of thousands of international and local movies and TV series. in the past, I was able to download a lot of streaming apps available in the market but none of them feels personal to me.


So what I did is to experience it myself. I downloaded it on my android phone. (For Android users, you can also download it if your OS is Jellybean and up and for all iOS users, required OS should be iOS7 and up.) The first few items that I saw are my favorite series by JJ Abrams!wpid-screenshot_2015-05-06-22-15-06.png

Well from the looks of it, it seems like I am the target market of this app. Being an avid fan of TV series and movies, HOOQ is definitely my kind of app. HOOQ is actually a start-up joint venture between Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

It is  set to change the way people consume and enjoy entertainment by allowing customers to watch movies and TV across their devices – be it smartphones, computers, and tablets, this is all powered by GLOBE, the leader in mobile and telecom innovations in the Philippines.

So I checked the kids section for my nephew and found some of the best creations locally and internationally. Theres RPG Metanoia and Hero High!


From Globe Telecom’s partnerships with Facebook, Spotify, the NBA, and Viber, the telco further strengthens its leadership by enhancing the digital lifestyle of Filipinos. From social media, music, sports, and messaging, Globe now takes over entertainment with HOOQ, Asia’s online entertainment service.

This app even shows TV Series from the past! Its nice to look back from Ugly Betty to Greys Anatomy.


So what I have found? Well, surprised to see  my favorite movies and TV series  from Hollywood and locally produced combined.There were 13from Drama to comedy up to intense action films. From Local, there were items from GMA, Viva Communications, Regal Entertainment, and ABS-CBN.

Later I am going to watch my all time favorite TV series, ALIAS Starring Jennifer Garner! I can say that I am HOOQ-ED! wpid-screenshot_2015-05-06-21-42-21.png

Ok so now the main question for everyone is how to avail of HOOQ?

When registered to HOOQ, you get access to thousands of local and international movies and TV series. Register to GoSURF299 or above and get HOOQ for free. Postpaid subscribers get free HOOQ for 3 months while Prepaid subscribers get free HOOQ with their registration. Free period begins the same date as your registration to GoSURF. You need to choose HOOQ as your content freebie! You cannot change your freebie midway. When you opt out of GoSURF, you will also be opted out of HOOQ. The app also has picks of the week! And will you say no to Tom Cruise?


Free HOOQ on GoSURF, like Spotify, has a separated 1GB data allocation so you can enjoy other activities with your GoSURF data. Once the separate allocation is used up, it will automatically use your GoSURF data. When all allocations have been exhausted, you will be charged P2/MB for Postpaid or P5/15min for Prepaid for data use.

Postpaid’s No Bill Shock Guarantee: Be assured that you won’t pay more than P1,500 for mobile surfing per month when you subscribe to GoSURF 99 to 999. No Bill Shock also guarantees that you won’t pay more than P3,000 for your monthly surfing when you subscribe to GoSURF 1799 or GoSURF 2499.

Price Validity Keyword Data Allocation Free Content (Choose 1) Free Content Allocation
Php 299 30 days Text GoSURF299 to 8888 700MB Spotify Premium or HOOQ 1GB
Php 499 30 days Text GoSURF499 to 8888 1.5GB Spotify Premium or HOOQ 1GB
Php 999 30 days Text GoSURF999 to 8888 5GB Spotify Premium or HOOQ 1GB
Php 1799 30 days Text GoSURF1799 to 8888 10GB Spotify Premium or HOOQ 1GB
Php 2499 30 days Text GoSURF2499 to 8888 15GB Spotify Premium or HOOQ 1GB

Globe HOOQ Standalone Offers

You also have the option to get just the HOOQ access. HOOQ Standalone offers start at P199. For HOOQ 299 and 499, you’re given data allocations dedicated to the service! Again, these standalone offers are valid for 30 days. Upon consumption of these data allocations, data will be charged the default rate unless you’re registered to a data plan.

HOOQ Promos (30D) HOOQ MB Allocation
HOOQ199 No data allocation
Activation Process Text HOOQ<denom> to 8888

 Stacking HOOQ and Spotify standalone offers with each other is not allowed.

 Tattoo Home Broadband Plans with HOOQ

You can get free HOOQ access valid within the billing cycle starting at Plan 1299 for Tattoo Home Broadband.


HOOQ Facts

HOOQ is a gateway to a world of entertainment.

  • You can stream, download and enjoy thousands of films and TV series.
  • It has 13 types of movie and TV series categories (i.e. Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Hollywood, Horror, Kids & Family, Martial Arts & Sports, Musical, Romance, Sci-Fi Fantasy and Thriller)
  • Subtitles on select movies and TV series are available
  • HOOQ can be accessed through any internet connection whether it is wired, Wi-Fi or mobile
  • Access HOOQ via web (http://www.HOOQ.tv), Android App, iOS App, Web Client

You can access HOOQ on up to 5 devices and download up to a total of 5 movies.

I’m on the Globe myLifestyle Plan, how do avail of HOOQ?

The Entertainment pack of the new Globe myLifestyle Plan includes access to either HOOQ or NBA. For HOOQ access, it is available in P299/mo (1GB) and P499/mo (2GB). Similar to the standalone offers, it will not use up your GoSURF data allocation. You may also opt for a P199 denomination with no data allocation, but it will use your subscribed GoSURF data allocation. With the Entertainment bundle (or any GoSURF promo), you are not bound by Fair Use Policy.

For more information on Globe GoSURF, visit http://globe.com.ph/surf/plan/gosurf. Want to know more about the new myLifestyle Plan? Visit http://www.globe.com.ph/mylifestyleplan!

Want to know more about HOOQ? Visit http://hooq.tv today.


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