(MOVIE) 11 Reasons Why ALL MOVIE Houses Should Screen “BARBERS TALE” by Jun Lana


Last night I watched Barber’s Tale, one of the much anticipated movies Ive been waiting to watch this year. I missed the press screening last week so I promised myself to never fail to catch it on its first day of screening. As promised, I will do the movie review of this. I can’t explain my admiration to the film after the screening and its been awhile since I gave a perfect 10 to all of my movie reviews. This time, BARBERS TALE deserves it, with slow clap and standing ovation. Yes! I did.

Set in a remote province in the early 1970s, Barber’s Tales follows Marilou, a widow who inherits her late husband’s barbershop. Marilou carries on the business as a female barber and fails to attract any customers in the conservative small town. Nevertheless, things take an unexpected turn when Marilou gains the trust of other women in her community..


Actually, the last time I had goosebumps about watching a great film was ESKAPO, another Marcos era film.

Here are 11 Reasons why you should catch it in Cinemas while its available and same number of reason why ALL MOVIE HOUSES should screen this film.

  1. It will give you a glimpse of Marcos Era. No not just an era, but an exact battle cry of people under Martial Law.
  2. You will see the consistency of the sequence of this period film. From costume to texture up to its cinematography.
  3. This is the modern LINO BROCKA, Bernal film. What if this is the last time we will have the opportunity to see great one?
  4. You can now compare our lives today from how these people carried their lives without social media. This movie will ask you to rethink of independence and democracy.
  5. This film will give you continuous Goosebumps. From one scene to another, Uge (Eugene) will give you a pleasurable acting you rarely see these days.
  6. You will think this is predictable but will give you shocks from time to time. (I don’t wanna elaborate more)
  7. You will appreciate local film again this time. With the magnificent screenplay and direction by Jun Lana, you will be proud to be a Pinoy.
  8.  Well written, sublime storytelling and promising ending you want to have copy of the manuscript (I want)
  9. You will get inspired to write a fiction again. (I did)
  10. You can never have another film as good as this running on your favorite movie houses.
  11. For all movie houses, malls and big screen providers, this is your social responsibility to society to provide an avenue of quality films to the entire Filipino audience.

Rod Magaru show rating: 10/10. Barbers Tale now opens in selected cinemas nationwide. DONT MISS IT!


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