(MAGAZINE) METRO SOCIETY Unveils Its Luxury Issue This Month

There is no better time to curl up with a good read than with the rain pouring outside—so make sure to have something timeless on hand.  Take on the stories of individuals whose names are synonymous with the sparkles in one of Metro Society’s biggest issues of the year, the Luxury Issue.

Leading the pack is GAOC’s Steven Gan, training the spotlight on something he believes can really “change your life”—his practice. Because a smile is the first trait one sees in another, that statement could very well be true. The dental surgeon prides himself on his career, having built it from the ground up. Metro Society follows a man whose success is a product of hard work onto the path of life in the fast line, riding no less than the coveted Rolls Royce 2-door convertible.

Luxury also goes beyond that which is expensive and frivolous. It also means comfort.

From something as simple as being offered refreshments as one selects which crocodile leather purse for the season, to having vitamins administered intravenously from the comforts of your own home—Metro Society presents a beautiful life for the privileged that begins with what many only dream of—true self-pampering.

Metro Society looks into clinics that now offer a myriad of services that cater to the luxurious type of clientele. The doctors and technicians behind these movements are some of the most talented in the field, and at the same time understand the need to keep up with the times now that the needs of their patients are changing. Lined up in a feature on their own fields are ageless beauty expert Dr. Aivee Teo, home service cosmetic surgeon Dr. Leo Aragon, Immunobooster’s Dr. Jumel Bornilla, preventive medicine’s Dr. Rex Gloria, and hair transplant expert Dr. Nathanael Aknine.

Aside from the individuals that purvey luxury, there are also the labels that bring society to new levels of opulence through products that use the most majestic materials with the most intricate designs. To start, see how Michael Kors opens his flagship store in Shanghai in the most opulent style. Then, Ferragamo’s “Fiamma” handbag reveals its hidden stories. Louis Vuitton’s chain of jewelry stories follow this, communicating the power and strength of a woman. For men, Metro Society looks into the new Cartier dive watch as it makes waves this season along with the brand’s 5 classic watch pillars. Another jewelry brand staple is Charriol and their new collection that emulates a youthful vibe while still incorporating its signature twisted cable. And finally, Metro Society brings its readers to a one-stop shop for all their jewel-toned desires, Rustan’s Silvervaults.

Enjoy all these and more in Metro Society’s latest release, the Luxury Issue. Grab a copy now in bookstores or magazine stands nationwide.

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