(MOVIE) ‘Alien Abduction’ is Blair Witch Project meets Fire in The Sky Opens June 11

Alien Abduction is a found footage sci fi thriller capturing the story of the Morris Family’s disappearance in the Brown Mountains of North Carolina.

While on a camping trip in the remote region, youngest son Riley (Riley Polanski), sees mysterious lights in the night sky, which he is able to record on his hand held video camera. Due to his autism, Riley uses a camera to narrow in his view of the world which otherwise can overwhelm him, and therefore documents his family’s vacation. The film is the recovered footage from the boy’s camera.

After seeing these lights, the trip takes an ill fated turn. The following morning, the family leaves to head towards their next campsite and their GPS system starts to malfunction. After being led off the highways, they arrive at a tunnel full of abandoned cars and personal effects strewn about. Peter Morris (the children’s father) played by Peter Holden, decides to go and explore the situation, convinced there is a logical explanation for all of this, and his eldest son Corey (Corey Eid) and Riley decide to tag along. What they discover is terrifying. A tall and lanky shadow appears at the other end of the tunnel, and before they know it, the children narrowly escape and head back to the car where their mother Katie (Katherine Sigimund) and sister Jillian (Jillian Clare) are waiting, losing their father in the process.

In a panic, Corey loads the family back into the car, turns around and heads away from the tunnel, only to be stopped minutes later by thousands of birds falling from the sky. Things only get worse when the car fails.

Now on foot, the Morris’ find a remote cabin hidden off the dirt road where they encounter Sean, a very abrasive, shot gun wielding local who is all too familiar with the local folklore and stories of mysterious disappearances. He reluctantly takes the family in, but with no cell phone reception and no landline, they are stranded. Sean reassures them that once his brother Scott returns to the cabin, they will form a plan, and in the mean time, tells the family about the legend of the Brown Mountain Lights.

Locals have heard stories of lights in the sky over Brown Mountain for over 800 years, dating back to the Cherokee and Catawba Indians. Sighting of the lights are usually accompanied by disappearances, and many have suspected they are UFOs.

Suddenly, Sean’s CB radio turns on and Scott is on the other end. He sees something strange on the road, and before hearing his brother’s warning, abruptly cuts out. Sean immediately jumps into action, picks up his gun, and leaves the family to go attempt to rescue his brother.

The Morris’ are more desperate than ever. Katie, in an attempt to comfort her kids, tries to get everyone to sleep for the night, but they are awakened by piercing lights blinding them through the windows in the cabin. Loud footsteps and noises are heard, and Corey, the new man of the house, grabs the shotgun Sean gave him and begins shooting blindly. Desperate, he instructs his mother and younger siblings to hide in the root cellar. But he doesn’t hide with them – Corey closes the grate that masks the entrance to the cellar and is taken, in the same manner his father was only hours before.

Katie and her two children hide peaking through the grate and realize that they are trapped. While the creatures who took her son are gone, they have no way of getting out of the secret root cellar.

Suddenly, someone bursts through the front door. It is Sean. He helps the family out and loads them into his truck to escape. He knows of a barn that they can hide in, now that the cabin was compromised.

The lights appear again en route to the barn, and Sean lets the family out but stays in the truck to act as a diversion so they can get to safety.

In the pitch black of night. Katie, Jillian and Riley make it to the barn and hide, waiting for Sean. The lights are back and the whole barn is violently shaking. Terrified, Katie leads her children in a final prayer – a last “Hail Mary.” It seems all is lost, but the shaking and lights stop, and Sean is back to rescue them once again.

With a regained hope, the group leaves the barn to head back to the truck when Sean and Katie are both suddenly sucked up into the sky. Jillian and Riley are now orphaned and alone.

The two terrified children run back into the woods to escape and keep running through the night. In the early hours of morning, they finally arrive at a road. It is nothing short of a miracle that they see a police cruiser heading towards them. They are finally safe.

As the officer loads them in the car and calls back to the station we hear an awful scream and within seconds, the children are sucked into the sky.

“ALIEN ABDUCTION” is directed by Matty Beckerman and stars Katherine Sigismund, Corey Eid, Jillian Clare, Peter Holden, and Riley Polanski.

Released and distributed by CAPTIVE CINEMA.

Showing on JUNE 11.


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