(BRAND) Sensodyne Launches Advocacy to Fight Against Sensitive Teeth with Luis Manzano

Last Thursday, March 27, GlaxoSmithKline, through its brand, Sensodyne, launched the advocacy to fight against sensitive teeth/pangingilo in the “Say No to Ngilo!” campaign. This remarkable commitment extends beyond a mere information campaign and toward proactive efforts to improve oral health care in the country, including the help of 2,000 dentists who have committed to the fight against dentine hypersensitivity through educating their patients on proper oral hygiene and using effective tools to combat pangingilo.

Special guest, multi awarded actor/host Luis Manzano graced the event and shared how Sensodyne changed his life.

He has changed since he used Sensodyne and have no fear of eating whether hot or cold.  He is all-too familiar with the perils of pangingilo, being a sensitive teeth sufferer himself. “Sometimes, during meetings and socializing, my enjoyment is cut short because of pangingilo. I just endure the pain so it doesn’t ruin my day or my night out,” shares Manzano, who is also active in charitable activities “When I started using Sensodyne, it made a big difference in my life! I don’t worry anymore about my sensitive teeth when I interact with people. Now, I get to enjoy my favorite drinks along with everyone else and I could eat anything I want. No more pagtitiis, no more pangingilo!”

They also launched The Sari Sari store concept for Sensodyne where household can avail of the toothpaste for as low as PHP10.00.

Luis Manzano with executive grom GlaxoSmithKline

“The Philippines is the first country in the world where Sensodyne is introducing the sachet format. This development is also significant because GSK is confident of the Philippines as an important emerging market, and this will definitely encourage more Filipinos to proactively manage their sensitive teeth and say no to ngilo,” says Jeoffrey Yulo, Consumer Healthcare General Manager, GSK Philippines.

It is indeed a fact that Sensodyne is committed to create a future where every Filipino is sensitive-free.  It is the #1 sensitivity brand in the country**, recommended by dentists***, and provides clinically proven relief and protection for sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne is dedicated to creating a future where every Filipino is sensitive-free. Sensodyne provides clinically proven relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth. The Sensodyne toothpaste range contain different active ingredients, which is either Potassium Nitrate for its base range that depolarizes the nerve and protects it from firing to progressively reduce the pain of sensitivity, or, for Sensodyne Rapid Relief, Strontium Acetate that helps prevent the flow of the fluid within the tubules that would otherwise cause the tooth pain. For Sensodyne Repair & Protect, it contains the advanced NovaMin® breakthrough technology which is scientifically proven to help repair sensitive teeth/pangingilo by forming a tooth-like layer over exposed dentine to help continually repair and protect sensitive areas.

Whether your sensitive teeth/pangingilo is chronic and painful or just an infrequent tooth pain, Sensodyne will be able to help.

The event was hosted by glamorous, also another health advocate, actress/host Angel Jacob.

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