(BEAUTY) @MyFLAWLESS Launches Anti-Oxidant, Intravenous Mix for all, ‘The Beauty Drip!’

So last Wednesday March 26 I went to Flawless Megamall to try their new offering, “The Beauty Drip”. At first I really thought its just normal facial procedure so I fix my schedule since its been awhile from my last facial.

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When I arrived there they explained me what the new feature is all about and surprised to know that the Flawless Beauty Drip is an innovative service that makes use of an advanced medical technique to make it easier for your body to efficiently absorb nutrients through intravenous application. Still clueless on how it is being done, they mentioned that they will directly put it on my vein by injecting the mix directly into the bloodstream to be able  to deliver nutrients into cells immediately, thus triggering the body’s healing process significantly faster compared to if the vitamin was taken orally.

I am nervous and excited at the same time since it is actually my first time to get injected ala dextrose. Yep, I never been hospitalized since childhood and I don’t know how to feel. All I know is am excited.

Flawless Beauty Drip

They explained to me what are the mixture of the drip inside the bottle. I have learned that each 200 cc bottle contains high doses of anti-free radical vitamins, Alpha-lipoic acids, including vitamin C, B complex and Glutathione. These nutrients are known for helping the body recover from all sorts of damages by boosting the health of cells. My excitement gets higher. The doctor in charge carefully explained to me that its just like me undergoing a blood test. That I felt relieved. My fear is gone.

Since each Flawless Beauty Drip treatment lasts for about 45 minutes, I decided to have my facial while waiting. Ofcourse I choose their famous Cell Booster Infusion mask. Remember I blogged about it last time? Read it HERE.

I have trusted Flawless for a long time in terms of discovering innovation and Flawless Beauty Drip marks another milestone for the brand as the first widely-available all-in-one intravenous mix in the country. With their numerous client and celebrity endorsing them, I am glad that I entrusted myself to flawless.

Our body needs enough anti oxidant in our daily lives. Especially now that Summer season is entering, we should not only be concern of a perfect body but also taking care of our health.

By injecting the mix directly into the bloodstream, it delivers nutrients into cells immediately, thus triggering the body’s healing process significantly faster compared to if the vitamin was taken orally. Not many people know this but taking vitamins orally can render up to 85 percent of the pill useless. In other words, when you ingest a 500mg vitamin c capsule, only about 75mg or 15 percent of the active nutrients may eventually find their way into your bloodstream. With the intravenous system, clients get much higher concentrations of nutrients delivered directly to their body’s cells, thus resulting to better absorption and utilization.

Until now I feel like I never get tired easily. that’s definitely because of the Flawless beauty drip. It is recommended to have it weekly. To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may visit www.flawless.com.ph or like Facebook.com/FlawlessFaceandBody. You may also follow Twitter.com/MyFlawless or visit Flawless’ online shop, shop.flawless.com.ph.


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