(TV) Sunday’s Best Presents, “Atom Araullo And Never Before Seen Yolanda Footages” @AtomAraullo

Broadcast journalist Atom Araullo recounts his harrowing experience during the onslaught of the world’s strongest tropical storm Yolanda that hit Visayas in a special documentary titled “Yolanda” airing this Sunday (December 22) on ABS-CBN.

“We were there when the storm was happening, when typhoon Yolanda was kicking. We could see the water rising then we imagined thousands of people getting trapped in their houses,” Atom recalled during his interview in Lynda Jumilla’s program on ANC “Beyond Politics.”

He also described the devastating aftermath of typhoon Yolanda as something that no one could have prepared for because of its incredible magnitude.

“The people were running around… You could hear people sobbing in the darkness, there was no power, there were dead bodies all around, survivors couldn’t get in touch with their loved ones,” he shared. Aside from recalling his memorable coverage in Tacloban, Atom also shows never-before-seen video footage of the super typhoon’s initial onslaught and images from the crucial hours after the storm.

He also tells the different heartbreaking and inspiring stories of Yolanda victims that showcase the the strength of Filipinos and highlight how the rest of the world united to help the typhoon survivors. Don’t miss the documentary “Yolanda” this Sunday (December 22), after “Gandang Gabi Vice” on ABS-CBN’s Sunday’s Best.

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