(TIPS) How to eat happily and healthfully this Christmas season with DOLE

It’s that time of year again when invitations for reunions, gatherings and parties keep coming left and right. As Filipinos love indulging in good food, there’s always that holiday exception of eating nonstop and just resolving to go on a diet when all the celebrations are over. However, come January, people lose time, energy and interest to go on a diet and to work out, As a result, the holidays inevitably add pounds on us year after year, and we blame everything on how irresistible food is.

Healthy celebrations need not be boring with Dole Tropical Fruit Cocktail

This year perhaps is the best time to try something different. There’s always a better way to do things, and in this case, there’s a nutritious and less sinful way. This could be done, believe it or not, through making smarter choices and not depriving ourselves of all the goodness laid out on the buffet table.

For starters, because we just can’t fully enjoy a meal without rice, it’s ideal to substitute white rice with brown rice. A study showed that eating five servings of white rice per week increased the risk of diabetes. On the other hand, brown rice is fibrous and contains magnesium, manganese, zinc and Vitamin E. The same study found that replacing white rice with brown lowered diabetic risks.  Another way is to choose dishes and desserts that have nutritional benefits. A choice dessert idea is Dole Tropical Fruit Cocktail. This is the perfect combatant in fighting off the anxieties of weight gain this season. Plus, the holiday staple fruit salad could be easily and conveniently mixed up with the availability and the preparation ease that the Dole Tropical Fruit Cocktail provides.

Made from all natural, sun-ripened fruits like papaya, pineapple, nata de coco and cherries, Dole Tropical Fruit Cocktail is rich in Vitamin C. Thus, it helps strengthen the immune system and is a good source of antioxidant. This delectable bowl of mixed fruits gives energy, equipping you to enjoy celebrations all the more.

Just because it is the season to be jolly means that it’s also the season to excusably gain weight. Maybe Christmas will be merrier if we welcome the next year without dreading the strict diet that we initially planned.

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