(ELECTION) Things You Need To Know on Upcoming 2013 Barangay and SK Election! #BakitAkoMagpaparehistro

We have another election coming later this quarter andIm sure everyone might not be aware of the deadlines and timelines of COMELEC. So here I msharing you dates for your information. Voter’s registration for the barangay and SK elections will be July 22-31.  The polls will be held on October 28. People aged 15  and not more than 18 on the date of the elections can register as SK poll voters. If you’ll be 18 on October 29, then you are qualified to register. But if you will turn 18 on October 28, you cannot register because you are already 18 then on election day.

When are the barangay and SK elections held?

Barangay and SK elections shall be held on the last Monday of October starting 2007 and every three years thereafter.

For 2013, the elections are going to be on October 28, 2013.

What are the important dates to remember for the 2013 Barangay and SK  elections?



Voter Registration

(Continuing Registration and Members ofKaipunan ng Kabataan)

July 22 – 31, 2013

Aug. 12 (ERB Hearing)

Election Period

Filing of COCs


Election Day

Filing of sworn statements of election contributions and expenditures

Reference: Comelec Reso No. 9715

Who can register as members of  Katipunan ngKabataan and what are the requirements to be submitted? (Reference:  Comelec Reso. 9717)

Any Filipino citizen who is:

1. At least 15 years old but less than 18 years old on election day;
2. Actually residing in the barangay for at least 6 months on election day and
3. not otherwise disqualified by law may be registered as members of the Katipunan ngKabataan.

In filing his/her application for registration, the applicant may present any of the following  documents:

1. Certificate of Live Birth;

2. Baptismal Certificate;
3. School Records; or
4. Any other document that will establish the identity and other qualifications.

 Meanwhile, The Commission on Election has the initiative to increase awareness on voters education through a Video Making contest.

2013 Barangay and SK elections

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  1. if I am not in my Barangay, let’s say I am in a different place in the Philippines, can I be an additional voter of my own Barangay without going there in the mean time? where to go and what are the requirements?

  2. at this early the candidate for baranggay election are already posting their campaign materials ? .. ask we know the campaign period is scheduled after filing the COC which is scheduled on October 15 _17 of 2013,,, pwede ba ung,,,,,


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