(MOVIE) Lovi Poe plays a Jilted Bride in Her New Film, Moves into Movies

Actress Lovi Poe is most excited about her new film, entitled “The Bride & The Lover”. In this new movie outing, Lovi plays Vivien Paredes, a wealthy ‘heredera’ who is set to marry her fiancรฉe, Philip, played by Paulo Avelino. However, Vivien discovers that Philip is having an affair with her best friend and her bridesmaid Sheila, the character portrayed by Jennylyn Mercado.

What follows next is a series of ‘mis’-adventures as Vivien vows to seek revenge on the couple. “It’s a funny role, sexy, naughty and yet classy and powerful”, says Lovi, then she adds, ”ย  Vivien goes through a total transformation, from beingย  a naive and innocent girl to bring bratty and vengeful”. Lovi confesses,”I really loved this character, that’s why I really pursued this role, and I didn’t stop pestering my producer, Mother Lily until she gave me the role”. Lovi says her most memorable scene in the movie is her fight scene with Jennylyn Mercado, which took almost five hours to shoot. “I was bruised up and black and blue after the scene, which we shot on the last day”, Lovi says, “but it was all worth it”, she adds. It also helps that Lovi’s co-actress Jennylyn is a pro. “She’s one of the young actresses that I really admire”, confesses Lovi.

The Bride & The Lover“, which was written by Rody Vera and directed by award winning film-maker Joel Lamangan, also stars Joem Bascon, Hayden Kho Jr, Tim Yap, Alex Castro, Ahron Villena, Carmi Martin, Ariel Ureta, Buboy Garovillo, Timmy Cruz, Carlo Gonzales, Tom Rodriguez, Kat Alano, Cai Cortez, introducing Carla Dunareanu and with the special participation of Ms. Snooky Serna. The film is set to be shown on May 1.

Meanwhile, Lovi will be back on your tv screens this May. She will also launch a new product that month.

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