(ROAD) Motorist (Blair Carabuena) Mauls MMDA Officer

According to the news organization who caught the incident, the motorist is a supervisor at Philip Morris International, Robert Blair Carabuena. The MMDA Officer was identified as Mr Saturnino Fabros


Motorist should realize that MMDA Traffic enforcers are there to implement traffic rules (and they might be rude or aggressive) but the discipline should start from ourselves. Im sure they wont call your attention if you didn’t do something illegal on the road. From the video it seems that the MMDA enforcer is powerful in terms of implementing regulations but powerless in the kind of humiliation and insult by the motorist.

This is not the first time an MMDA traffic enforcer mauled by a motorist. Last 2011 they filed a  frustrated murder charges against a motorist who shot and wounded one of its enforcers after violating traffic rules in San Juan City.

To Mr Carabuena, I hope you will watch again this video and apologize for what you did. We may not know what triggered your anger but it seems obvious that you assaulted an officer.


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