(MOVIE) Movie Review of Frasco Mortiz’ THE REUNION by Star Cinema

“Sinunog nyo daw yung Principal!”

I’m a BIG fan of ERASERHEADS. My influence came from my brother, whom during our younger years always plays Eraserheads (The Cassette Tapes) at home.  He even had all the lyrics of the song manually written in small pieces of papers.

Inspired by the songs of Legendary Rock band Eraserheads, Star Cinema released another coming-of-age comedy flick that follows the adventures and misadventures of Highschool barkada consists of Lloyd, Bogs, Pat, and Joax after their life in high school and now as they struggle to pursue their passion for music and their respective life goals.

(MOVIE) Movie Review of Frasco Mortiz' THE REUNION by Star Cinema

Casts: Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil, Jessy Mendiola, Julia Montes, Kean Cipriano,  Xian Lim, Matt Evans, Tom Rodriguez, Joseph Marco, Ivan Dorschner, Brian Santos, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Kakai Bautista, Louise Abuel, and Gina Pareño.

Directed by: Frasco Mortiz

Grade: GRADE B by Cinema Evaluation Board


This is Direk Frasco Mortiz’s first movie and I would say that the fun, kilig, riot, fun, fun again and cool stories and plot was there. The story is not big but the story telling made a huge success on every recalls and flashbacks. The editing, darn it was SO NICE! The cinematography is very 2020! It’s like I’m watching a very clear copy, original as if I was there.

(MOVIE) Movie Review of Frasco Mortiz' THE REUNION by Star Cinema

Enchong, Xian, Kean and Enrique’s character are interconnected yet unique. Their role was effectively acted out. Their love teams, not really a love team but a good combination and mixed of fresh tandems. Kian and Bangs are quite realistic. Now I agree with Direk Frasco that the roles are perfectly fit to everyone.

(MOVIE) Movie Review of Frasco Mortiz' THE REUNION by Star CinemaI cannot imagine Enrique doing Xians or Enchong doing Kians or Xian doing Enchong etc. Enchong is flaming hot on a particular scene, Enrique is very romantic on his role, Xian is very matured on his interpretation of the character and Kean’s act is very effortless.

Jessy Mendiola is effective here. I like her minimalist non-spoken expression and acting. Her role is more of holding back of things to say, of love to express and she acted it out very well. Matt Evans is an effective gay, gay being happy.


Yes, it helped me go back through old times, the scoring is there, even made the scenes very believable. If you want to watch a feel good movie, wants to laugh and feel good about friendship, camaraderie, this is the movie for you. The movie is very light. Made me missed my barkada.

My TOP 5 Favorite SCENES:

 (MOVIE) Movie Review of Frasco Mortiz' THE REUNION by Star Cinema

  1. The Avengers costume!
  2. Bangs Garcia’s transformation, Jessy Mendiola’s highschool scene (Rainy night)
  3. Xian Lim’s Scene at the bus.
  4. Kean Cipriano at Bangs Garcia’s House with Mang Ben
  5. Enchong Dee Airport Scene

One more: The REUNION SCENE, From Slater Young to Principal!

Now showing in more than 100 theaters nationwide!

I’m giving The Reunion 9 out of 10!

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