SKY FITNESS, The new frontier of Fitness and Wellness

Last week, I was introduced to, I guess will be my new lifestyle, The SKY FITNESS PHILIPPINES. Sky Fitness is not your ordinary gym facility second home but a whole different package of experiencing personal fitness training with its latest innovation of modern day “fitness”. 

During my visit I was guided by a very accommodating trainers. But before hand, just to give you a little background of me in terms of going to gym and stuff. Im not your regular gym bud you will see everyday nor every week. Was able to somehow tried and worked out at some popular gym here in the metro. They do usual measurement for me, guides and lists of things I should do repeatedly. Im ok with that. Stationery bike at home and some lifting. But that’s just it. I don’t have any plans, concrete plans and goals. Just working those list out. Until I visited SKY FITNESS.

From there I met Raymond Gorospe, General Manager of SKY FITNESS who explained me a different approach of coining the word fitness the gym has to offer. He gave me a tour of the gym, and then we proceed with measuring. One thing that caught my attention is their superb around a 100% accurate measurement.

There’s Posture Assessment and Functional Movement Screening lets you understand the areas that are weak. This also identifies and addresses any deviations that may hinder the body’s natural movement and alignment. It also helps reduce risk of injury during your daily life and performance sports or training. I am seriously impressed with how they measure and told me whats wrong with my posture. Oh yeah of course I thought that Im having a good one, I was wrong. There are really things that needs to be corrected. From here, I realized that SKY FITNESS is giving me an impression that theyre combining Fitness to Wellness.

SKY FITNESS has created the most comprehensive personalised training programs that will bring your body back to functional balance, eliminating imbalances, weaknesses, nagging aches and pains and accelerating fat loss the scientific way.

MEET THE SKY FITNESS CERTIFIED Personal trainers. Dedicated professionals like Physical Therapists, Sports Coaches and Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

This is very original.

After explaining to me what are the parts of my body that are weak and needs correction, I was then introduced  me to tally different warm ups. Miguel, a professional trainer guided me how and what to work out first. First time I use kettle balls, golf and tennis balls as part of the pre work out preparation. He mentioned as well that no matter how many times you do it, if you didn’t do it right, it doesn’t make sense.


So by listening and following instruction, I started to like the approach of working out. And that is what they call the SKY SYSTEM. They provide in-depth wellness scan and fitness assessment for precise information to design your program and a customized workout. Steps were devised to make your approach to fitness a whole lot more detailed.

I am terribly frustrated that Im already tired long before my first workout finished. But the mere fact that Im doing it right, I feel good. I like the idea that aside from working my desired physique, the lifestyle and proper posture and wellness are also incorporated.

With my next session I will also share how it goes, There’s more to sky Fitness that’s worth sharing. And I will keep you posted with my usual visit. Thank you SKY FITNESS.

SKY FITNESS is located at 2nd floor, OPL Building Dela Rosa corner C. Palanca Street Legaspi Village, Makati City Telephone number (632) 478-2248. Visit Add them on FB at Sky Fitness Manila and on Twitter: @SkyFitnessPh

Learn more about Sky Fitness, contact Raymond Gorospe now!

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