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After My Amnesia Girl and Catch Me Im In Love experience, this is another premiere where I witnessed and attended an opening night as big as PRAYBEYT BENJAMIN. Last Tuesday night, Star Cinema held a Red Carpet Premiere at SM Megamall. The crowd was so huge that I have to retweet all tweets from Star Cinema friends  per mall floors about how thick the crowd were waiting for the casts to arrive and grace the red carpet.

I’m a big fan of Wenn Deramas. His Tanging Ina series and most of Aiai Delas Alas films were all of my favorite local comedies. So when I’ve heard of PRAYBEYT BENJAMIN, I know this will be one heck of a big riot project. Vice Ganda on the other hand is indeed a bankable star. His wit and élan in throwing punchlines be it a live or any performances, I would say that he already cracked a joke long before you think it is! And don’t mess with him in a conversation and you will end up being the culprit in his comic.


Direction: Wenn V. Deramas

Produced by: Star Cinema and Vic Del Rosario distributed by Star Cinema and Viva Films.

Grade: B (Cinema Evaluation Board)

Casts: Derek Ramsay, DJ Durano, Vandolph Quizon, Jimmy Santos, Eddie Garcia, Dennis Padilla, Carlos Agassi, Malou de Guzman, Tutti Caringal, Kean Cipriano and Nikki Valdez



In this movie Vice plays the role of Benjamin Santos whose family has a long tradition of serving in the military. In fact, the movie’s stunning opening traces the roots of the Santos’ military service, from the days of Lapu-lapu and the Katipunan, up to the current times.

Conflict ensues when Lolo Benjamin which was played by Eddie Garcia finds out that his grandson (Vice) cannot continue the tradition because he is gay. But when Lolo Benjamin is captured by terrorists, the grandson enters the military and musters all his masculine strength to save his dear grandfather, and the rest of the war-torn country as well.


The film was narrated in a gag way that I had to let go of the crazy kid in me in an outburst. The first 30 minutes of the movie, I already knew that the film will drive me crazy. The story as summarized above is interesting but not deep. It is perfect for those who miss laughing so hard. And I mean it!

Vice Ganda might be over exposed as we see her everyday. But his humor will always be original, unexpected and unique. In the movie what he did was he tried to be minimalist with occasional punch. It required him to do much of a facial expression.



Im happy that Eddie Garcia is included in the movie. His presence and role made it more appealing and respectful. We all know that Eddie Garcia is Eddie Garcia. I can still laugh at his way of doing his signature jokes. So as Jimmy Santos, my favorite since Oki Doki Dok. I would say I miss him for quite sometime and glad to see him at Gandang Gabi Vice. His role as a scientist made the story more interesting as most of his creations were successful inventions at the time Benjamin Santos needed help. Jimmy Santos should be given more exposure to comedy.

Supporting to the role of Benjamin Santos are DJ Durano, Vandolph Quizon, Carlos Agassi, Tutti Caringal, Kean Cipriano and Nikki Valdez. They are perfectly not overshadowing the underdog. Nikki’s role is very important as (trying not to spoil) she is one of Benjamin’s friend that helped the group. I cannot recall how many times these group made me laugh especially when they are already on the training camp and, the humor behind where they came from. They have very unique characters, minimalist but enough to make us laugh.

I have seen the types of plot like these and I know that it’s just a ‘plain happy > conflicts > climax > happy ending’ but it’s totally different! Who would not laugh on flashbacks, segue ways and Vice Ganda’s own way of delivery? All I can mention is that it is sustaining from the beginning ‘til the end. I just don’t like the way the credits we’re presented at the beginning. Or maybe Im just used to Deramas’ previous blockbuster works.  Although of course I cannot give the credit fully compared with the success of Tanging Ina Series but should you want a good laugh? You should check out the film. And did I mentioned the keyword? “Its raining men!” plus a very special guest appeared on the end. “Napadaan ba.”

And, bloopers were also included at the end. But don’t leave the cinema yet, because there’s a big announcement of thickening plot? Perhaps I remember an Okey Ka Fairy Ko’s way of telling that there is a sequel.


My 5 favorite scenes are:

  1. Shower scene.
  2. That Vice Ganda’s daydreaming (Partly shown in the trailer)
  3. The execution of special weapons invented by the father of Benjamin Santos especially the umbrella and tiara.
  4. Massage part.
  5. The Dance part when Eddie Garcia punched Benjamin Santos.

Enjoy the movie guys! The movie is Graded B by Cinema Evaluation Board.




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  1. This movie is entertaining but should at least be rated PG-13 because of its homosexual references. I don’t understand why the MTRCB gave it a PG only. The movie not only sensationalized homosexuality but subliminally encouraged it. Homosexual relationships may be legal under civil law but it shouldn’t be exposed brutally out in the open where children can easily pick up the behaviour. If the MTRCB will rate this movie PG for uninhibited exposure to homosexual behavior, then it should only give a rating of PG-13 for movies with nudity, gross violence, and other sensitive subject matter like paedophilia and incest. I have nothing personal against homosexuality. But if MTRCB can’t do its job right, then it should be disbanded.


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