One sunny afternoon with DEVON SERON.

Finally last saturday, I got the chance to sit and talk to one of the charming teenstar today, a good friend and a talented Devon Seron. I think I still got that hangover from James Reid interview months ago that we ended up meeting at some famous Grams Diner where we had our late lunch with Joric.

Oh yes, first hello to Ohanas, Gems and all Jaevons who are dying to see this feature. Last sunday we witnessed the finale of GOODVIBES and of course we are all sad that some good things didnt really last. We will all miss those character that we loved, especially Maribeth and Spencer.

Well for first timers, Devon Seron is a former housemate of Big Brother from the PBB Teen Clash of 2010. She was hailed 4th runner up among her batchmate. After PBB, she was casted to the now defunct teen variety show at the kapamilya network ‘Shoutout’. She also made an important character in the 2011 remake of Mula Sa Puso. She was later paired to James Reid; her co-PBB alumna and their batch Big Winner, to the Hit Sunday Youth Oriented/Dance-Drama series “GoodVibes“.

If you ask me, I am happy to get close with Devon through the help of lovely OHANA friends JHOY, RO, CARMS and CHA with JORIC. Was happy to host her Debut Party (HERE) with 18th birthday of James Reid as well and got to meet a lot of Jaevon and Gems who are very nice and sweet. So since I miss her since May, we scheduled an interview right after James Reid sit for an upclose interview with me (which I know KehrBears read the article everyday! HERE).

And finally last saturday, I got the chance to talk to her and she’s very happy to share the piece of herself, as Devon, student, as Maribeth and as an ordinary young lass of simplicity.

 She recently finished the one of the most successful youth oriented show in ABSCBN with the rest of the cast, GOODVIBES.


Hello Dev! How are you? Hows school?

Ok naman. Galing kami last time sa Enchanted Kingdom for a show. School naman po ok lang din. Trying to cope with subjects. Enjoying! (laughs)

Ofcourse you’re a star, how does your classmate treat you?

At first awkward kase walang lumalapit sa kin.


Ewan ko sa kanila haha. Sabi ko nga po hindi naman ako nangangagat. Minsan ako na nga ung naghehello. Sabi ko naman pwede naman nila ako lapitan. But now ok naman sila. I have some good friends. Actually at first shock sila. Haha. Nung una kase hindi nila alam. Nagulat sila. Talagang hindi sila nagsasalita.

During exams does anyone asked any favor from you or may nakokopyahan ka ba? (LOL)

During exam po kase dun sa row ko wala akong katabi. Haha! Nahihiya sila. Kaya minsan sariling sikap. On my own talaga.

Hows your relationship with your professors?

They’re really good. Ok naman sila. Minsan gusto ko lang normal talaga yung treatment. Im happy with my relationship with my professors.

Was there a time that you spend extra hours in school?

Actually last week I stayed then catching up with classmates for some projects. Masaya.

OK naman mga grades mo?

Minsan hinde. Haha! I mean just OK hindi naman laging excellent. Im learning a lot.

Do you still have time to do your assignment at home?

Yup there are times when I stayed late. May mga inaaral ako talaga.



Lets talk about goodvibes, How do you feel GOODVIBES will air its finale?

Im so sad kase magtatapos na and of course proud. Pero winiwish ko talaga sana may Season II! Im happy with all the feedback from Maribeth’s character. Sana talaga may Season II. Mamimiss ko silang lahat.

Hows your Experience during Goodvibes CHAT?

Actually, we didn’t know what to expect on GV chat. Ideally it’s me and Lyn then Enrique joined us. So we didn’t know about question and answers. Inenjoy lang naming yung moment. Masaya. The first chat with James mas cool. Masaya lahat. Nakakatuwa! Dami naming napasaya.

What is your favorite and unforgettable scene in GOODVIBES?

Madami eh. But I think the dancing. Particularly yung Please Don’t Go. Iniisip ko nga on my way here na, Saturday na, then hindi na ko makakasayaw haha! Pinakagusto ko na sayaw na na air on TV is yun nga, ung Please Don’t Go. We taped that around 3am na. Then they told me, naku emote ka dapat dito kase broken hearted ka dito ganyan. (Laughs) Habang sumasayaw ako don, I was crying. Sobrang gusto ko yung scene kase full of emotions yung attack ko.

Devon Seron, Linn Oeymo, Chikara Nawa, Heidi Riego, Kazel Konouchi, Coleen Garcia, Sam Concepcion, Yen Santos, Enrique Gil, James Reid, Ivan Dorschner

Ok now, I will mention few names of the people whom you worked with, and give me ONE WORD to describe them. Game? You can explain if you want.

Devon during her 18th Debut Party.

IVAN DORCHNER: MABAIT. Haha! Uhm mabait in a sense na minsan nagbibigay cya ng advises sa kin. Mostly anything under the sun. Dun ako humihingi sa kanya ng advise. Dun ako nagsasalita sa kanya. Naapreciate ko s’ya.”

SAM CONCEPCION: Si Sam.. (laughs) HYPER! Nakakatawa. He’s my “doggie” friend. First time ko sa kanya nakita yung Teach me how to Doggie. Full of energy.  Funny si Sam. Laging mapagbiro. Sya yung ano, the next Pure energy!

JM DE GUZMAN: HUMBLE. Si JM.. Si JM naman hindi ko pa masyadong nakakatrabaho but nakikita ko he is so down to earth. And Parang makikibagay sya talaga syo. With all the blessings na meron sya now. Ang bait bait nya.

ENCHONG DEE: HOT! (Tawa!) Kasi crush ko yun eh. Ang gwapo tapos ayun basta crush ko po cya!

ENRIGUE GIL: Si Enrique.. KALOG! But lagi siyang may word of wisdom pag nakakausap kami. Masarap syang kausap.

What is your dream role?

Dream role. Hmm I think yung tipong mala Angel Locsin or those with Angelina Jolie, yung mga actions, undercover. I think I like maldita roles too.  Like yung kay Lea on GOODVIBES. Gusto ko yon. (Laughs)

Parang hindi naman bagay yun maldita sayo?

Haha! Hindi ba? Basta gusto ko lang itry. Kase ung mga dialogues. And one more thing yung kay Maja Salvador on Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. Sobrang real nya! I want that.

Who do you want to work with in an intense drama scene?

I think with Maja Salvador or Amy Austria. Yung mga nasa minsan lang kita iibigin. Haha! Fan na fan ako. Minsan I even sing while watching the series.

You wanna try comedy?

Yes! I want to try comedy din. I think I wanna work with Vhong Navarro. At sila John Lloyd Cruz. Yung mga movie nila like My Amnesia Girl. I hope I can work with them.

Hows your relationship with your former PBB friends. Sila Tricia, Ann, Fretzie.

Ay we are all ok. Were good friends. Minsan nagkakayayaan pa kami. Bihira kaming magkita but everytime na magkita kami nagaayaan kami punta somewhere. Naguusap talaga kami.

How do you deal with negative people/ basher. Were you affected with all these?

Oo naman po. Marami. Lalo na kapag sa family. Kase minsan parang ayokong madamay. Gusto ko ako na lang. Well we can’t avoid them. Lahat naman siguro may mga nangbabash.

How do you cope with your haters?

Hindi ko naman po sila macocontrol. Kase minsan kung ano yung gusto nilang sabihin sasabihin nila. Ako lang ang gusto ko lang sabihin sa kanila is we are really ok. Wala kaming mga issues. Were good friends. Walang rival sa amin. Happy ako with them.

Message to your GEMS and JAEVONS. Dami kong kilala sa kanila.

To all my friends, mga gems, I feel better. Happy ako with them. I wish they will stay nice and sweet. And very thankful ako nandyan sila for me.


Lets talk about your Loveteam, Lets talk about James Reid. Since you guys always work together. How would you describe James?

At work, naamaze ako sa kanya. Kase parang napakanatural nyang umarte. Effortless syang gumawa ng isang bagay, especially in acting.

And si James, marunong talaga yang magtagalog e! Haha! Nagtatagalog talaga! (keeps on laughing)

As in pure tagalog?

Oo pag magkausap kami tagalog lang yan. Talagang nagtatagalog sya without accent! Ganon sya kagaling. Nagtatagalog sya lalo na kapag kami lang.

How did you converse with him? Tagalog?

Tagalog ko po sya kausapin but there are times kapag may mga friends na iba alam mo naman. Minsan English. Magaling talaga syang magtagalog. Nahihiya lang sya talaga.

But how do you know James? Or how would you describe him as a friend.

Si James.. (laughs) Paano ba. Hindi ko maexplain haha! I think si James ano e.. Uhmm.. Minsan kase hindi ko sya mahulaan. Unpredictable cya eh.  Sometimes I dont know his plans. But pag close na close mo cya, he is really a funny guy. Joker. Kase minsan people perceived him as suplado ganyan. But he’s really madaldal. Funny. Nakikijam cya. He is really humble.

Have you ever fell in love with each other?

Owwww hmm! May ganong factor haha! Ahh hmmm. (Gesturing his dad was just on our side). Ahmm ano po.  Teka naloka ako sa question! Uhmm. Ciguro ano.. (laughs) Hala!

Ok let’s put it in this way.. did he ever courted you?

(Smiles) Uhm ganito kase yan. Not really..


(smiles) I think we are just really comfortable with each other.  We are really close. Ganon gami kaclose eh. We are really open. (laughs)

Safe na safe! But did you fell in love with him. Kahit konti?

OMG! Help me with these questions! Haha! Uhm (san na si Joric?) Uhmm.. oo naman. I like him before..

During my interview with him, he told me He used to like you. Anong nangyari?

Ganon din sa kanya haha! I used to like him. I don’t know.  Siguro kase were busy. With work and all.

Ok whos your date on Star Magic Ball?

As for now, I still don’t know. Surprise! But wala pa talaga.

Any message to all the people who love and continue supporting you.

Sa lahat Im very grateful, maraming maraming maraming salamat po. Masarap yung pakiramdam na nagpapasaya ako ng mga tao and I want to tell them na mas napapasaya nila ako. Thank you sa lahat ng support!


Then James Reid arrived as they have an eLive guesting that saturday. To sum it up, Devon is really cool and fun to talk with. I never got bored with all the topics and issues she shared. James Reid is true when he told me that Devon’s smile is contagious. Fun fun fun! I can still remember her during her PBB stint up to now. She is a happy person inside and out. When I asked her what’s next for her, as of press time still dont know but she told me she is willing to learn more on acting and willing to attend more workshops to improve her craft.

Catch her on the Star Magic Ball September 3 I’ve heard there will be a livestreaming made for her from Hotel to the Ball. I might say Hi online!

Thanks everyone to make this interview possible! Leave a comment below for Devon! She promised to read this link! Thank youw!

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