Culinary Clash at the great DOLE Cook-Off!

I was lucky to have attended The Great Dole Cook-Off last august 26 at Magsaysay Institute For Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA). A sumptous dinner was served while we are listening to the demo and while having the cook off.

There’s no question that food is an integral part of Filipino culture, as proven by the smorgasbord of cooking shows on TV and self-help books in mainstream media. Filipinos love to eat and cook, it’s simple as that.

 That being said, Dole held the Great Dole Cook-Off, an event that launched the brand’s line of delectable tomato sauces through an exciting cook-off among guests. Chefs-at-heart and food lovers were welcomed by the charming Chef Jeremy Favia, who acted as guest judge and mentor in the culinary battle.

I am amazed and still in awe as Chef Jeremy taught and prepared easy-to-cook succulent culinary delights with Dole’s line of tomato sauces with a cooking demo, no doubt arousing their appetites.

Ive got the chance to meet different food bloggers and other cook-off enthusiast and doing menu using DOLE’s tomato sauce is one of the easiest thing to do. Now Im excited to try doing the Red Gazpacho or dory braised in Tomato sauce. Poch Zenarosa, Dole Philippines Packaged Foods Division’s Product Manager, explains in her opening remarks, “Dole advocates healthy living through our products and activities.

For this event, we like to highlight that being healthy should be part of our love for food, and this event highlights that it is easy to be healthy—Dole Tomato Sauce makes sure of that.”


 After the cooking demo, it was cook-off time among the guests. 5 bloggers competed for the challenge. The tomato sauce was the theme ingredient of the culinary clash, and foodies were able to try first-hand the world-class consistency of Dole’s line of tomato sauces. Enticing aromas filled the air as guests showed off their cooking skills and battled it out to make the most mouth-watering dishes in an exciting competition.

There’s no question that Chef Jeremy had a hard time judging whose cuisine reigned supreme, but in the end, there was only one winner, Enzo from JUAN MANILA!

Guests no doubt had the time of their lives learning recipes and sampling delectable dishes during the event. The Great Dole Cook-Off was truly a night of gastronomic delight! (Below is the Photo with Chef Jeremy. Thanks to Jeman Villanueva)


Im showing Chef Jeremy's creation.


About the Product

Savor the world-class goodness of sun-ripened tomatoes in DOLE Tomato Sauce. Naturally rich in lycopene, our thick, flavorful sauce is generously blended with the finest herbs and spices to make your everyday dishes truly extraordinary. Available in 115g, 200g, 250g, and 1 kg. pouches. Cooked tomatoes, such as those found in DOLE Tomato Sauce has up to five times more of the antioxidant LYCOPENE than fresh tomatoes.
DOLE Tomato Sauce is rich in VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C and is a good source of VITAMIN K. while LYCOPENE protects the cells of your body from harmful free radicals, VITAMINS A, C and K promotes good eyesight, builds resistance to infection and healthy blood functions.
With thick, rich and flavorful DOLE Tomato Sauce, you and your family can cook up and eat delicious meals while loading up on the essential vitamins for a healthier, happier lifestyle.


The Chef

Jeremiah de Belen Favia popularly known as “Chef Jeremy” is one of the rising young chefs in television today. A product of University of Santo Tomas (HRM Department), Jeremy finished culinary school at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. He became an assistant manager for FC Café and worked with Fractured Flowers in Australia. Armed with fresh talent and good looks, Jeremy became part of a hip, cooking show on Q-11 called Ka-Toque Lutong Barkada and Healthy Cravings with the beautiful Iza Calzado.


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