Maki Reigns Supreme on Historic Billboard Philippines Hot 100 Launch

The Philippines music scene witnessed a monumental shift this week with the much-anticipated debut of the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 chart. The inaugural chart for the week of July 6, 2024, saw singer-songwriter Maki etching his name in history by claiming the coveted No. 1 spot. His breakout hit, “Dilaw,” which holds the record for most days with over 1 million streams on Spotify Philippines, resonated with Filipino listeners, propelling her to the top.

Following closely behind Maki is the nation’s beloved girl group, BINI. The group dominated the chart with an impressive five entries, showcasing their versatility and immense popularity. Their tracks “Salamin Salamin,” “Pantropiko,” “Karera,” “Lagi,” and “Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi” secured spots 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 respectively, proving their undeniable influence on the Philippine music landscape.

Maki Reigns Supreme on Historic Billboard Philippines Hot 100 Launch

Maki Reigns Supreme on Historic Billboard Philippines Hot 100 Launch

The Billboard Philippines Hot 100 utilizes data from leading music streaming services and sales figures compiled by Luminate to create a weekly ranking that reflects the true popularity of songs in the country. This comprehensive approach takes into account both domestic and international hits, offering a well-rounded picture of Filipino music preferences.

The arrival of the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 marks a significant step forward for the Philippine music industry. By providing a credible and data-driven chart system, it elevates Filipino artists and songs to a global platform, fostering wider recognition and appreciation.

As the chart continues to evolve week after week, one thing remains certain: the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 is poised to be a game-changer, shaping the future of Filipino music and propelling talented artists to new heights.

So if you’re asking if “May ABS PA BA?” The charts will tell you, yes and they’re continue dominating the music industry.

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