Deo Endrinal: A Leading Figure in Philippine Entertainment

Roldeo Endrinal, also known as Deo Endrinal, joined our creator, according to his son, PJ Endrinal. In an Instagram post by PJ endrinal, he paid tribute to his hard-working dad.

“Thank you daddy for everything, you have been the best father not just to me but to everyone that has known you. We will always remember how fortunate we are that you were in our lives.”

Deo Endrinal

Deo Endrinal is a highly respected figure in the Philippine entertainment industry, with a long and successful career at ABS-CBN Corporation. He started his career in the 1990s, likely under the umbrella of Dreamscape Entertainment, one of ABS-CBN’s drama production units. He was involved in film production for some time, contributing to movies like “Born to Love You,” “MOMOL Nights,” “A Moment in Time,” “Belle Douleur,” and “Abandoned.” Sir Deo later transitioned to television production, playing a key role in shaping ABS-CBN’s drama landscape.

Deo Endrinal

Sir Deo’s dedication and contributions weren’t unnoticed. He received the 2020 Glory Award alongside renowned journalist Karen Davila, recognizing their work that transcended “the usual” and showcased a “consistent track record of excellence.” Sir Deo Endrinal’s journey with ABS-CBN has left a lasting mark. He has contributed to numerous successful film and television projects, nurtured talent, and helped shape the future of Philippine entertainment.

You will truly be missed!

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