Judy Ann Santos Reveals Her Principles in Accepting Product Endorsements

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is a multi-awarded actress, chef, entrepreneur, and mom. She is also a trusted brand ambassador for many leading brands in the Philippines. In her latest endorsement, she is now the face of Alaska Milk Corporation, a homegrown brand that is committed to nourishing Filipino families.

During the launch of her partnership with Alaska Milk, Judy Ann shared her principles in accepting a product endorsement. She said that she only endorses products that she believes in and that she would use herself. She also said that she is selective about the brands she partners with, and that she only chooses brands that are aligned with her values.

Watch Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo speaks about her principles in accepting product endorsements.

Judy Ann’s principles in accepting a product endorsement are a testament to her integrity and her commitment to her fans. She is a role model for many people, and her decision to only endorse products that she believes in is a positive message for everyone.

Judy Ann Santos new endorser Alaska Milk

A brand founded on the premise of providing families with access to delicious and affordable dairy products, Alaska Milk recently unveiled a new campaign that shares ways with moms on how they can easily add nourishment to kids’ favorite meals while making them extra appetizing. The secret? Just add milk. 

“Alaska products, including Alaska Classic Evaporated Filled Milk and Alaska Classic Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk are made of real milk,” explains Ms. Star Estacio, Marketing Director of Alaska Milk. “They have the delicious taste and nutrition that real milk offers, so by simply adding  them to everyday dishes, you’re serving your family something that’s not just undeniably yummy but even more masustansya  With Alaska, napakadali talagang gawing SustansyaYUM ang pang araw araw na pagkain. , kahit simpleng  homemade gravy na pang-partner sa favorite fried dishes ng mga bata. We created a 5-minute, 5-ingredient Alaska SustansyaYUM gravy recipe that moms can easily make at home to elevate the usual fried chicken, fried porkchop, etc. that she makes for her kids.  Adding milk to dishes is the ultimate Alaska cooking hack.”

Fried Chicken with Alaska SustansyaYUM Gravy

The launch of the new campaign coincides with the reveal of the brand’s newest and biggest endorser, no other than multi-awarded actress, chef, entrepreneur, and proud mom and homemaker, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.

“Alaska Milk’s purpose has always been to nourish Filipino dreams; one we can truly say we’ve continuously been pursuing for years. Today, we take a more proactive approach to this mission by partnering with an individual who, time and again, uses the full extent of her capabilities and influence for the same purpose. Judy Ann Santos is not just an accomplished actress, she is a mom and a purpose-driven influencer who sees food as a tool to help better the lives of those around her. She is—without a doubt—the best celebrity out there right now to represent Alaska Milk and what we stand for,” adds Estacio.

For moms who need a little help getting started on delicious and nutritious SustansyaYUM recipes using Alaska Milk, Alaska Nanay Club’s website has a wide collection for you. From appetizers and merienda to mains and desserts—even the envisioned soon-to-be-household staple SustansyaYUM gravy—you can find them all at www.alaskananayclub.com.

To know more about Alaska Milk and their products, you may visit www.alaskananayclub.com or follow Facebook.com/alaskananayclub and @alaskanas

nayclub on Instagram. 

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